Rangoli: Using motifs and MS Paint

inspired design and guess the Lotus motif, where I stole from? Smile

dots 9X5

Rangoli: Origami flowers

Kawasaki complicated rose (red) and simple rose (dark pink).
Star flower, leaves...using my color print paper Smile

Rangoli: Origami Paper

These samples will give different style and natural look to flowers. I tried to search for these in the stationary stores, but cud not get all kinds, so knocked off with my computer and printer.

Rangoli: Kalasha, Lotus, Lamps

More suitable for Deepavali/Pooja days (again, scanned & colored)

Dot counts 17 X 19

Rangoli: Origami flowers and grass basket

Again flowers (lilies, iris, yellow rose, seedbox, daffodills) by me and basket by my sister.

Rangoli: Origami flowers - Daisies & Labolias

Origami flowers - Daisies & Labolias - the grass flower vase done by my sister.

Rangoli: My origami flowers

Saw Lathaji's blog on Cherry festival so got inspired to upload these lotus (a kind of modular origami). Will upload more.

Rangoli: The traditional lamps - Kamba Deepa and TUgu Deepa

The simple Deepas the with stand and another hanging which can be attached to any of the traditional top borders.