This is my first quilling card I have ever tried making. I did it on my own with few tips from...

Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: Valentines day special quilling by manivasuki62

Quilling Earing For sale

Crafts quilling: Quilling Earing by GoluGayathri

Finger Ring for Kids

Finger Ring for Kids

Crafts : Quilling by r.suganthy

I am very much interested in crafts. Now i am doing quilling earring

Hello to all,

I am into Tanjore art, Reverse Glass art, Quilling and Kundan Rangoli....

hi friends..this is a small quilling type kolam for margazhi. hope you all like this :) 8)

This one made by my daughter in her craft class.

I made this using paper quiling method.I got this idea from our member.Thank you mam.

A quilling design kolam was done by me for your views.

Chameleon made in quilling.

I had made this rangoli using the quilling technique in my summer break.

Another simple arrangement of vegetables. Started off with a elaborate design, as usual got...

Hi! I was this in my daughters school liked it very much beautifully done job... i want to learn...

These are all the envelops i had done with quilling.

This is another q. kolam. This time i had done it on a plate and decorated with 3d outliner.