Navratri Marapachi Doll Decor Contest 2014

Welcome to this year's Marapachi contest. We have more than 25 participants who have shared their decorated Marapachi couple with us. We hope all of our members will take some time to vote for ALL of our participants. Best wishes, and may the best dressed wooden couple win! Smile
Our members and participants have time until Oct 9th, 11:59pm to vote. Please vote for all the participants. Results will be declared on Oct 10th.

wedding couple makeup done by me.
Decorated Marapachi in Karnataka style.
The Beautiful and Traditional Marapachi Couple...!
My ancient marapachi passed to me by my Grand mom, and we put it life using craft items.
A decoration of dolls to depict a traditional iyengar bride and groom.
Hi All. Wishing one and all a very Happy Navarathri. This year decorated Marapachi as Satyanarayana Swami and Mahalakshi. Had done the same decoration last year and every one seemed to like it.. So have done the same this year also. Have attached two extra hands to give in the Shanku & Chakram ( Hands form my daughters old Barbie doll). For the Gadha have used a crystal tassel used in dresses these days. Trust you all like the same and please give in your valuable comments.
my marapachi doll is decorated in tanjore style
I have decorated the dolls with stones, jewels, and Jadai with kunjalam and crown.
These dolls were decorated with gold paint and stones using tanjore painting style
dressed up, Radha has a long skirt and decorative jadai]like kuchipudi dancers.Krishna has arms made out of chart paper,making music with his paper flute.the shirt is propped up with wires.
The dolls are decorated in Madisaru & Mapillai in Mallu Vetti Minor( style)...two set of dolls in the same pattern...Minute details are also taken care ,right from necklace,thodu,rakkodi,hair flowers,nose rings etc...
marapachi doll decorated as balaji and laxmi devi
I have draped my marapachis in a yellow n red ensemble. The lady is dressed in a one piece sari with colourful bindi on her forehead, netti Chutti and necklace using colorful stickers. The man is in a veshti and uttariyam and has a coloirful bindi too.
This year we have decorated our marapachi dolls as thirupathi Thayer and perumal. The sangu chakras,dresses are hand made. The color combinations of the dresses and jewellery have been selected so as to complement each other.
I have this Marapachi Andal and Krishnar
Bommai decorated
Hi all, This is te first time i am participating in this contest. Let me tell you I have totally been inspired by you all participants in decorating my marapachi dolls. So thanks to all of you. I have tried decorating my dolls to look like ISKCON Radha Krishna. Using the cloth and sequences I have made the dresses for both. The crown for Krishna with the peacock feather is made out of card paper. Hope you like my attempt. Thanks.
i have made Nathdwara Srinathji in Marapachi with the help of cotton & wooden sticks .
The marapachi dolls are dressed up as Srivasa Perumal and Thayar. They are decorated with the ornaments and garlands. They are made as a replica of thirupathy venkatesa perumal.
Here is our Marappachi doll decor contest for 2014... the doll decorations done by us at home...
Hai frnz, ,,, ive decorated my marapachi dolls as rama and seetha based on rama avatar in shri vaishnavam theme, ,, hope u all like them
Basic alankaram decoration by me..
At the welcome table, by the side of the main door to our home. This thambathi welcomed all! Also included is the Original Dashavataram Wreath on the door.
Hi frenz, I decorated these dolls in a traditional South Indian outfit for this year navrathri.