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  • green and red crystal chain
  • kundan rangoli
  • Craft project
  • bead work
  • Jewelery Making - bracelets
  • Jewelery Making - Earrings
  • Jewelery Making

Crafts : green and red crystal chain by swarnakrishnasam

Crafts handmade: kundan rangoli by sasikala narayanan

This is a chain made by my son 7 yrs. old, standard II for his craft project. It is made of macaroni coloured with acrylic colours. Your comments please

this aishwarya kolam was done by my mami using beads.she is very good at doing these kinds of work.please give ur comments.

these are some other items i made.



Hi Friends,

These are the very first Jeweleries i made. your views please



Hi Friends,

I did these jeweleries last year and sold most of them. started as a hobby.

Now I stopped it for sometime becoz of the little one. He is a small vaccum cleaner..Takes off all bits and pieces from the floor and puts in his mouth Smile