Rangoli: Copycat - Rosebud Rangoli

Liked the Judyji's rosebud rangoli very much so tried it on paper, scanned and colored. Just adjusted the leaves according to the dots.

dots 9 X 5 middle dots and 4,3,2,1 on all six sides

Rangoli: Valentine's Special

Here is the special rangoli for Valentine ....roses and hearts, asusual drawn, scanned & colored one. I could not resrict to use only red/pink/whites, hope lataji gives me grace marks for this :).

Dotcount: 21 X 11 ... also the rose can be written single by using 5 X 1 middle dots.

Rangoli: Origami Rangolis

I was trying to fold some Kusudama models in Origami and suddenly felt basemodel looks like the squarey kolam base structure. So took the picture of it. Folded another complicated octogonal design and that too was a good competitor..thus evolved origami rangolis....the base paper is just a single square piece, used my color printer as-usual Wink

The main credit goes to origami designer "Kasahara Kunihiko". More designs on the way.

Rangoli: Parrots & flowers

One more from my Birdie collections Smile scanned & colored...i think many us are aware of this design.

Dot count 24 X 6.

Rangoli: AnbuSangeethaji's Birdie kolam

Sorry Sangeethaji, i took long time to complete, this was kind of challange as the picture you provided was angled too much. Hope, i could get some how close to it. Thanks to mOhanaji for giving the dot graph-software link, which helped me to take dots printout and draw many more times to make it more perfect.

The dot counts 12 X 12 . Outer border is just free hand, no dots Smile

Rangoli: Happy DeepaavaLi

Many many bright wishes...
....Happy DeepaavaLi
DeepavaLiya ShubhashayagaLu

This is an inspiried rangoli from Rajammaji's squarey kolam.
Dots: 13 X 13

Rangoli: GanDa BherunDa - Emblem of Mysore Wodeyars(Kings)

Mysore Dasara is in full swing, so this could be good one to share. GanDaBherunDa is an imaginary bird with two heads. Wodeyars have a very beautiful and precious GanDaBherunDa made out gold and decked with diamonds and rubies, will try to get that picture and upload here. One can see all those precious jewels exhibition in the palace during the 9days Dasara festival.

Rangoli: Beginners Rangoli - Line Birdie

One more from my collection, its easy to connect dots with straight lines. So, try this and later it would be easy to draw curved lines.
Dot count 9 X 15 - straight dots.