20 Best Diwali rangolis

This rangoli was published on 2018-05-16.
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  • Diwali rangoli for contest
  • Ganesh rangoli
  • Smriti's Pair of Peacock
  • Rangoli made of sugar
  • Ram Navami rangoli - Geetha updesh
  • Goddess Lakshmi
  • Lord Ram rangoli
  • HAPPY VASANTHA PANCHAMI -welcome to spring
  • Sanskar Bharti Diwali Rangoli
  • concept
Diwali rangoli for contest
Diwali rangoli for contest
Ganesh rangoli
Ganesh rangoli done on diwali 2013
Smriti's Pair of Peacock
Peacock's pair Peacock's pair Contest entry Diwali rangoli contest - 2014: Smriti's Pair of Peacock by Smriti Jain
Rangoli made of sugar
Rangoli: Rangoli made of sugar
This is a freehand rangoli.
Ram Navami rangoli - Geetha up
Rangoli: Ram Navami rangoli - Geetha updesh
This kolam depicts Krishna giving Geeta Upadhesam to Arjuna. It took 16 hours to complete will upload the full picture soon ...
Goddess Lakshmi
Rangoli: Goddess Lakshmi
This kolam was done with kolam powder. It took 11 hours.
Lord Ram rangoli
Rangoli: Lord Ram rangoli
Rangoli of raman made during one of Pongal holidays. materials used : Kolam powder,chalk piece to draw a mild outline. hours taken : 16 hrs
Rangoli: HAPPY VASANTHA PANCHAMI -welcome to spring
Vasant Panchami festival falls on Panchami or 5th day of the Sukhla Paksh (Waxing moon) towards the close of winter, in the month of Jan-Feb and marks the first day of spring or vasant ruthu (season...
Sanskar Bharti Diwali Rangoli
Rangoli: Sanskar Bharti Diwali Rangoli
This is the sanskar bharti diwali rangoli put in front of my son - d.i.l's house in Mumbai. This was done by a proffessional.
Rangoli: concept
This rangoli was made in my office premises at nth time