20 Best Diwali rangolis

Entered for diwali rangoli contest 2008

Entered for diwali rangoli contest 2008.
I call this type of Rangoli a picture rangoli or shaded rangoli. It has a Jain theme, with a statue of 1st Tirthankara shree Rushabhdev and his symbol is the bull. It does look almost like a picture in the photograph.

The powders used are finely ground white marble (in Gujarati it is called CHIROLI) and finely sifted river sand and rubber colours used in industries. To colour the white marble I have used Cloth dyes (like Dylon) and food colours. The rubber colours are available in Kenya at indian shops. Marble & Sand colours are used in the figurative work and shading. The rubber colours are used in making the finer "abhla" the mirror work on the Toranas (or chadar) of the Bulls amd the Blue Green backround. I have very fine netting to spread large amounts of colour evenly and the shading. Used credit cards were used to do the shaping of the required figure work. Small funnels (available from shops that sell laboratary equipment) were used to put dots and circles and sometimes outlining colours.

In the end I have put gltter to compliment the shine in the marble powder

I hope this summary helps in understanding

It took me almost 20 evenings to do this rangoli.

hi friends....the welcome carpet(50inch X 33inch) to deepavali in "deepa oli" ....hope you all like this Cool -suguna murugesan

These are two types of SB rangoli I made in my office and home

This rangoli has been made with dry rangoli powder colours on the occassion of Diwali 2011.

Hai to all...this is the freehand rangoli done by me for the diwali rangoli contest...hope u like this....eagerly waiting for your views....

hai friends this is my diwali rangoli! a carpet kolam made on glass top. happy diwali!

Margazhi contest entry.


Free hand rangoli design. Two peacocks proposing on a colourful tree.