Pongal kolams

Rangoli boy: Sankranthi 2018 by anirudh

pongal kolam.It take 15 hours.length 12feet.Rangoli a colour rangoli: lord narayana by Amirtha...

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This was put on maattu pongal day. The dot count is 13-7 middle dots. sugar cane is just free...

This was put on pongal day. The dot count is 13-7 middle dots followed by 4,5,4-1 on three sides...

Its a free hand rangoli on pongal dayRangoli Freehand Rangoli: Pongal kolam by Kalaivani...

Rangoli describing pongal Specialities..Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: Pongalo Pongal by...