Margazhi dew drops kolam contest - 2014

Here are the Margazhi dew drops kolam contest entries. Best of luck to all our participants! Admire, enjoy, and comment! Smile

hello, my ikolam friends, after long time I'm uploading this kolam, on Sankranti. I've drawn this rangoli, ur views pls.........
Made this sikku kolam as usual on photo shop. Hope you like this as usual.It took more than two days to draw it.I made this kolam myself .joined lots of design and kolams I made this.
Sikku kolam for the contest Margazhi dew drops 2014
Hope you all like it !!!
When Margazhi kolam contest was announced then itself I decided that I must put one chikku kolam. Since I am a padikkolam lover, I created a simple padikkolam design and then arranged to put the dots to fit into that design. In the paper I drew the chikku ezhai to connect the dots.Since the contest rules said, "chikku kolam with white kolam powder, colour optional" I used only white podi to draw the lines and used colour for simple decorations.The lotus at the corners also drawn with dots. The outer designs were drawn as dew drops, hence the title...'Margazhi dew drops'. I could not put this at a stretch, so with breaks in between, took 3 hours to complete it.Hope you will enjoy this
இந்த தேர் கோலம் தேரோட்டம், ரதசப்தமி அன்று வீட்டு வாசலில் போடுவோம். இது ஒரு பாரம்பரிய கோலமும் ஆகும்.
I'm uploading one of my Margazhi kolams for the contest... Friends ur comments plz... The dot count for this kolam is 15-8 interlaced ( and 3-2-1 in all the directions)
Hello friends....this is my submission for this year's margazhi dew drops kolam contest...hope you like it...eagerly waiting for your views :)All the best to all participants
Margazhi dew drops
hi is my chikku kolam for margazhi dew drops contest, filled with chemman (red soil)colour to give it a traditional and authentic kolam look.. hope you all like this
this kolam is put with latitude 25 dots in the centre and gradualy decrease upto 1 with inter link dots according to design and it is a straight pulli kolam.
Last moment decided to participate in the competition. I had decided on something and ended up with something else. To tell the truth I am not satisfied at all with it, but I cannot redo another kolam since deadline is up ... Yet I am glad at least I am participating... This is a chikku kolam with dot count 13 to 7 interlaced dots with 1 dot on all sides. Hope you all like it.
This is a Kolam with seven dots in center ant thenlines with five dots and three dots.
This kolam has 3 varieties of chikku kolam joined together in the shape of swastikas.
Dew drops are not what we see when temperatures hover below zero...frost and snow is what results. This gave me the concept of making this snow carpet.The size of this carpet is pretty flexible and can be magnified or miniaturized! Trivia: A snow flake can measure upto 15 cm .... Best wishes to all participants!
This Sikku kolam can be called as Manai kolam. Used to keep Pongal pots.
I am VeniDeivanai, who recently visited this ikolam site and got impressed. I wnted to put my first creation to this Margazhi kolam contest. This Raja Elephant in the form of a chikku kolam with a real flower garland is on the look out for a person for the Throne.Hope you like it
Re-used the birde sikku design from Veni ma'm's gallery and added my extensions using the Brahma's knot and additional borders...and ofcourse Lord Ganesha adoring in the center and Sun at the top corner. Due to spacing did this on terrace and coloring was quite tiresome due to wind, but somehow managed. Hope you all like it. Dots: 27 X 27 straight dots, erase the unwanted dots or follow the pattern added
hai frnz,,, this is my first attempt of a sikku kolam contest,it is a 22 to 2 pattern on four sides,,, the center hexagon is filled with a separate dot count of 10 to 4,,, ,,, thank u lata for giving this opportunity,,,, hope u all like it,, ur comments pls
Its actually a delayed upload which may not be admitted apologize for the same, however i made this for the contest on 26th and could not upload it by 27th, uploading now for the just the views of our members.
Dear friends...Here is my submission for this years Margazhi chikku kolam contest. This is a chikku kolam with 17-17 dots in the middle and added the dots as the kolam developed. The colours used are Dark Green, Dark Red(Maroonish) and Bright Orange colours. Some outer decorations are added to it. The designs around the centre pattern was developed by me and drawn. Hope you all like this creation of me. Looking forward to your views. Thank you.