Rangoli: Some scanned ones

13 - 5 lines and extend the center 5 dots on each side by four lines

Add the extra designs as needed on the outer areas.

Rangoli: Aakasha Butti for deepavali

Again scanned one from my book, and dabbed some colors using MSPaint.

Dots in steps of 9 X 9 and two lines of 13 for extension and again 9 X 4

Rangoli: Flowers and leaves

Scanned the image from my book and outlined in MSPaint.

Dots: 23 X 11 ...extend for the outer flowers.

Rangoli: Mysuru Dasara Elephants

one more from my precious collections Smile

"Rangoli Baayari" is/was a famous rangoli artist from Udupi of Karnataka, his books on rangoli are awesome, many of my scanned images are his creations, which i have tried to write in my reference book.

Dots: 15 X 15

Rangoli: Drawing peacocks made simpler

one more scanned...
mOhanaji, this is for you, start with this and then you will be expert in drawing peakcocks

Dots: 19 to 3
19 three lines and then step down by reducing 2 dots in every line until you are left with three, on both sides.

Rangoli: Ganesh

Was arranging my books, and caught hold of my old collections, scanned them to upload here.
Lord Ganesha in the mantap, will make it on floor/table Smile this festival and take another pic to upload.

Rangoli: Rangoli

My niece wanted to color a rangoli, using her new set of sketch pens, so drew one in her fourline book :), scanned it too.

Rangoli: Deepavali Greetings

Use computer for drawing rangolis too Smile
The wordings did not look clear in the previous picture because of background color, so adding this.