Origami Paper

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These samples will give different style and natural look to flowers. I tried to search for these in the stationary stores, but cud not get all kinds, so knocked off with my computer and printer.

Rangoli: Origami Paper


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so now all art lowers will start ordering from you Anirudh.wonderful color mixing.

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Nice patterns Anirudhji..... yeah its hard to find such designs in stationeries..... only gift wraps are found with such patterns..... good idea of using printers... I usually make with white paper and paint or colour it.... would follow ur idea hereon... Thanks a lot.....

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Thanks Rajammaji & Purniji

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Anirudh avare aarama?nimma idea channagi idhe.

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Novel idea Anirudh.. I dont think you will take NO for an answer...

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Anirudh, we are waiting to see your origami work done with these papers!