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  • Wedding rangoli
  • Wedding Rangoli
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  • Swagatam Shree Ganeshji
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  • Wedding rangoli
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Created by JANANI RAGHAVAN on 2018-01-10.

Rangoli Wet Rice flour Kolam: 2016-Prashanth's wedding by JANANI RAGHAVAN

Wedding rangoli
Rangoli: Wedding rangoli
Created by adyasha on 2016-02-08.

Rangoli Sanskar barathi Rangoli: Wedding rangoli by adyasha

Wedding Rangoli
Rangoli: Wedding Rangoli
Created by r.suganthy on 2015-04-04.

One of my Rangoli made on my Daughter's wedding...On Feb 8Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: Wedding...

marriage special
Rangoli: marriage special
Created by malarvizhi 14 on 2015-02-08.

My art for a marriageRangoli Freehand Rangoli: marriage special by malarvizhi 14

Swagatam Shree...
Rangoli: Swagatam Shree Ganeshji
Created by Sandeep on 2014-10-31.

This Ganeshji was done for a wedding
Using powdered marble (chiroli)Rangoli Freehand...

Wedding rangolis-1
Rangoli: Wedding rangolis-1
Created by ammuchandhini on 2014-04-10.

Hello friends....from today the customs for ammu's wedding thought of sharing all d...

Pookolam for wedding
Rangoli: Pookolam for wedding
Created by jayamohan on 2013-09-19.

My ikolam Chennai friends gifted this pookolam for my son's wedding reception on 14th Sep....

Wedding gift...
Rangoli: Wedding gift pookolam
Created by ammuchandhini on 2013-09-15.

Hello friends....myself along with lakshmi, suba mam, viji mam, bala, chithra, bharathy mam,...

Wedding rangoli
Rangoli: Wedding rangoli
Created by completelawyer on 2013-05-22.
kalyana kolam
Rangoli: kalyana kolam
Created by rema.ramani on 2013-04-05.

This kalyanakolam drawing by our sister lakshmi in our family marriage. This lovely kolam share...