Rangoli Sanskar barathi Rangoli: Wedding rangoli by adyasha
One of my Rangoli made on my Daughter's wedding...On Feb 8Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: Wedding Rangoli by r.suganthy
My art for a marriageRangoli Freehand Rangoli: marriage special by malarvizhi 14
This Ganeshji was done for a wedding Using powdered marble (chiroli)Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: Swagatam Shree Ganeshji by Sandeep
Hello friends....from today the customs for ammu's wedding thought of sharing all d rangolis done during ammu's wedding from now is pandha kaal nadudhal function....need all of ur blessings and wishes friends
My ikolam Chennai friends gifted this pookolam for my son's wedding reception on 14th Sep. Indeed it was an unique gift!
Hello friends....myself along with lakshmi, suba mam, viji mam, bala, chithra, bharathy mam, judy all together did this pookolam at the kalyana mandap as a gift to our jaya mam's son's wedding yesterday...enjoy!!!
This kalyanakolam drawing by our sister lakshmi in our family marriage. This lovely kolam share with my friends.
This rangoli made for my cousin wedding.....
This is one more of Baalu mama's creations for you.Hope you all like it
We had a week long celebration with a poonal, wedding and an eightieth birthday celebration put together. Kudai thamarai kolam was drawn on one of the days. Sorry for the half-half photo. Taken in the afternoon.
maa kolam drawn on my nephew's wedding day by Baalu mama who specializes in making kolams. Just wanted to share it with you
This pookolam was done on the occassion of one of my colleague's wedding at Kovilpatti.
hai frnz, this was done by my relative surega and team for a wedding,,, ur comments pls