Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • Pookolam
  • Pookolam
  • Navaratri golu 2017
  • doll decor
  • Doll with beetel leaves
  • Doll decoration
  • Nalangu plate-1
  • pen stand with paper triangles
  • star dishcloth
  • headband

Another pookolam made with artificial flowers. Can be arranged in a minute

I made this ready-made Pookolam which can be removed as pieces and arranged back. Easy for people who are very busy but still love to make some kolam

Crafts : Navaratri golu 2017\ by Dhanya Renjith sivaram

Crafts : doll decor by kanchana

Crafts : Doll with beetel leaves by kanchana

Crafts : Doll decoration by kanchana

Crafts : Nalangu plate-1 by kanchana

Crafts : pen stand with paper triangles by kanchana

Crafts : star dishcloth by ktpsavitha

Crafts : headband by ktpsavitha