Latest Rangolis

Rangoli is an Indian folk art drawn on the floor with rangoli powders or paste. Rangoli is regionally known as Kolam in Tamilnadu, Muggulu in Andhra Pradesh, and Rangavalli in Karnataka. There are hundreds of rangoli designs in iKolam, created by members from all over the world. Here are the some of the latest rangolis:

This is a freehand rangoli.
This is a chikku kolam.

Navrathri2021 day9 kolam- purple color

Navrathri2021 day8 kolam- pink color

Navrathri2021 day7 kolam- Royal Blue color

Navrathri2021 day6 kolam- red color

Navrathri2021 day5 kolam- white color

Navrathri2021 day4 kolam- orange color

Navrathri2021 day3 kolam- grey color

5-3 interlaced dots grey fishes kolam

Navrathri2021 day2 kolam- green color

Navrathri2021 day1 kolam - yellow color

This is a chikku kolam.