My origami flowers

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Saw Lathaji's blog on Cherry festival so got inspired to upload these lotus (a kind of modular origami). Will upload more.

Rangoli: My origami flowers


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"That is COOL", says Surya.
This looks so realistic, and very complicated, wonder how much time each flower/leaf takes! Smile

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very nice dear. Keep doing

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Great looking!Good 3D effect. I wish I could learn them. Anirudh, excellent!

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Very pretty Anirudh! You learnt this art recently?

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Beautiful!! Anirudh,colorful &nice.

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Thanks to all.
Thought it looks complicated, its simple folding, but with many layers, so little time consuming Here is the video for making the lotus for leaves, i need to upload a video Smile

I started off learning this art in school in our craft classes with the basic tradional foldings like crane, frog, tulips, boxes, boats,etc. Later got some break, then started off again, when i started to help my cousins for their modelling projects. When i got internet access and was thrilled to see lot info available on net.
The best part of this Origami art is no cutting of paper into bits & pieces and no usage of glue, which helps to keep your place clean Wink

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Anirudh can I borrow these flowers for my urli??? they are so pretty...

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Sure Judyji, will try to get them in our next meeting.