Origami flowers

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Kawasaki complicated rose (red) and simple rose (dark pink).
Star flower, leaves...using my color print paper Smile

Rangoli: Origami flowers


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You have lot of patience to make such complicated works of art! Your red roses remind me of roses that we used to make using red hair-ribbons, during our school days.

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Lovely, Anirudh! I like the flowers of the outer circle, esp., the top right corner!

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Wow, Its amazing, Anirudhji.... I bet you used the paper patterns you had shared with us earlier.... It's a Superb display... Just keep up your good work..

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WOW!!bhahala chnnagi idhe nimma kai kale,

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Excellent work. Manam irundaal maargam undu. Anirudh is the example. Pls give us the youtube links Anirudh, so that we can try these at our leisure.

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very pretty!!!!

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Anirudh, u have done wonders with paper. how is that leaves have that shady effect just by small foldings?

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Thank you all.

Yes its all the paper patterns i shared earlier...if the printer pours a little thicker layer of color will add the shine, which reflects when folded (i think all lazer printers gives this effect). For single colors even in stationary shops, we can get the shiner ones...and i also got some florosent colors this time, lucky me Smile

Sure, will take some time to upload movies in youtube.

I too learnt folding the ribbon from my aunt :)....use satin ribbon, you get a shiny rose :)...i think there are 2-3 ways of doing it, i do it like folding the paper snake like folding two strips of paper...is that the same way you do Lataji?

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Lata yes, I too remember those ribbon roses we used to make in school - so very much like those roses are Anirudh's paper roses... This also reminds me of the song Paper Roses by ABBA.. Anirudh excellent work - every single flower is beautiful and unique...