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I also sincerely thank to Mrs. Rajamma ma'am and Mrs. Jaya ma'am for taking their valuable time and judging the entries with all aspects, and with lot of interest and motivating the participants to do better in all stages. Once again thank you for the effort taken and co ordination between them ( as they both stay in different cities) :) :) . We are all gifted to be here on the IKOLAM platform and giving us good suggestions by our senior members like the judges and JKM sir which makes us to stand up in some events. THANKS LATA, RAJAM MA'AM, JAYA MA'AM, ,..
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Congratulations to all the winners and Participants for giving us such a wonderful treat !!! :party: :party:
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Wow! I am so excited. First of all I thank Lataji for gave us the wonderful opportunity to share our creations in this wonderful platform and encouraging us to create new creations through Rangoli contests. Next my hearty thanks to Mrs.Rajamma Sitaraman mam, Mrs.Jaya Mohan mam for judging our creations and spent their invaluable time for us. Next my thanks to all the contest participants for their participation and shared their beautiful creations. I congratulate all the participants for their visual treats. :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :D :bigsmile:
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enjoyed viewing all kolams!! Congratulations to all winners!! Thanks to lata mam for uploading all my rangolis and for all your encouraging comments!! Have a nice day!! :)
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Congratulations!!! Gomathi ma'm, Sudha, Drshireesha ma'm & PremaPattammal ma'm and all the participants for giving us a wonderful treat. JKM Sir, Hearty congratulations. Special thanks to our judges for going through such a magnificent task and detailing out their judgment :)
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My hearty congratulations to the winners Mrs Gomathi Krishna, Mrs Sudha Balakrishnan, Dr Shireesha and Mrs Prema Pattammal. They deserved it. Of course, in any contest, there are winners and also the runners. This contest had many great entries. I am sure many of them will win in the subsequent competitions. I also sincerely thank Mrs Rajamma Sitaraman and Mrs Jaya Mohan for their time and expertise in judging the entries. Personally I like this. My only suggestion is to have a few more judges in addition. All this has been possible because of the dedicated efforts of Mrs Lata and Mr Mani. A big round of applause to them. Again thanks to all for recognizing my humble contribution in a special way. Regards! - mOhana
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Congrats Gomathy maam, Sudha, Shireesha maam, Prema Pattammal maam and JKM sir. We enjoyed your creations immensely. Thanks to all the participants as well for giving us such wonderful visual treats. Yes everyone is a winner I must say. Taking the effort to participate itself is an achievement in itself.
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Congratulations to all the winners and participants. Thanks to Lata/Admn for giving the honour of judging the contest entries. There might be some ommisions and commissions in our judging, please pardon us for that since we are also new to this job. As Mr.Rao has suggested number of judges should be more and identity of the participants should not be disclosed.Hope Lata madam will take care of it in the future. Members should suggest "new new themes" for future contests and also "tips" to increase more number of participants . :bigsmile:
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Here is something to get started on, Uma. I'll tell you right now since you're so enthusiastic! Though it is not a contest. Theme for February: Valentine dotted Chikku kolam Dot grid: even grid of dots No stray dots allowed (all dots in the grid must be enclosed in the chikku kolam)! Uma, is this theme good enough, or you want something else? Anyway, this was in my mind after the contest theme announcement went out. :)
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as i will suffer from sikku fever kindly grant me leave for feb,,, :) :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: ,,, jokes apart,,, a gud theme to think abt and i do feel relaxed since its nt a contest, :D ,, a gud chance to develop sikku kolams from me,,, sure will do one something creative on dat topic, :love: ,,
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Perfect-aa? :D Far from it! Even after emailing you, you failed to add "margazhi" tag to your rangolis. I had to edit each of your rangolis for the entire Margazhi season, and add "margazhi", so it can also be seen under our Margazhi rangolis. And on top of it, you also seem to think you spend more time in ikolam than ME!! :bigsmile: Koothu dhaan ponga! Sema joku! My whole family was cackling the other night on this joke! :bigsmile: :love: No one would dream about expelling such a student, Uma. Laughter is the best medicine, and I don't know about you, but I don't want to get sick. Every interaction with you is so humorous! This is prevention, indeed! J) :bigsmile:
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Really? I had to use my ipad from my winter vacation place, to edit the tags on your kolams. So, no extra points for you. :bigsmile: Amma/appa aatukutti/driver excuse ellam kadhula poo suththi-vachirkavungaluku, not for me. J)
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No, you don't have to take all the suggestions seriously. Members could also do them with odd number of dots, or just connect the dots type of dotted rangolis. :) Like I said, this is not a contest. Remember for one such campaign in the past, you had submitted origami works? We publish all sorts of works and enjoy them tremendously. But in my experience I've seen that our members always surprise us with very creative designs, mostly following almost all of the suggestions of the theme. :bigsmile: There are some sneaky members who stay quite until the set date (will not breathe a word), and all of a sudden they'll surprise everybody with a stunning masterpiece! :)
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Actually, you two didn't look like first-timers for the job. :D I don't think anybody else knows that there were two more judges, but they just chose to remain anonymous. :) Regarding not disclosing the names of participants during the contest, I did that for the first few contests, if you remember. But, then it got tougher on an ongoing basis. There was too much of pre-contest and post-contest work to be handled. Apart from removing user_names, I also had to remove all the other clues left by the participants (sometimes there were references to their family members). After the contest got over, it was a daunting task to make sure each rangoli ended up in their respective galleries! Phew! It got stressful, and I couldn't come up with extra time to train anyone on it after my initial contest-running years. And yes, I'm sure our members would be suggesting more themes in the near future. :)
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Congratulations to all :) Gomathi Mam my hearty Wishes Excellent Creation. "You have worked hard & your success has finally paid off" :) :) :) :) :) :star:
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Wow... what a pleasant surprise..Thanx a lot Lata Mam to giv me this immense happiness to be part of ikolam n inspire me to make time for my hibernated hobby which i cherished in the past....these little achievements add spice to routine life..and my hearty Thanks to Mrs.Rajamma Sitaraman mam n Mrs.Jaya Mohan mam for sparing their valuable time to judge our creations..n i congratulate all the participants for their wonderful creations..:) :) :) :party: :party:
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The prizes had been mailed out last week. If you are a winner, and HAVE NOT received your prize by now, please email us sometime next week.
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This year, for the Margazhi dew drops kolam contest, we had requested two of our members, who also happen to be non-participants of this contest, to judge the kolam contest entries. We are pleased with the way our Judges, Mrs.Rajamma Sitaraman and Mrs.Jaya Mohan had judged the entries, keeping in mind all the pertaining contest requirements. Before starting Judging, they noted the conditions. Two photos must be submitted with the following conditions: 1) The clear dot count before drawing the design should be given. 2) The final picture of the finished kolam should be given. 3) The Rangoli should fit into the theme "Pongal celebration". One person can upload 2 rangolis. It can be coloured or white. After going through the conditions they decided to evaluate separately ALL the entries, giving importance to the following aspects: a) dot count neatly and clearly drawn, b) design perfectly fitting inside the dots drawn, c) neat drawing and colouring and d) the design well depicting the pongal festival. The judges selected the first four placements in the following order (usernames): First Prize - Gomathi Krishna Second prize - Sudha Balakrishnan Third Prize - Drshireesha AND PremaPattammal (both share the prize) Special Prize - JKM Rao Few observations by our Judges: Mr.JKM Rao's rangoli drawn in PC is wonderful, very informative and with minute details. Nothing can be compared to this masterpiece done with utmost care after doing so much research on this subject. Hence He deserves the SPECIAL Prize. Smt. Gomathi well utilised the TWO upload option to bring into picture ALL the aspects of Pongal festival. Her dot counts, though drawn on paper with the design, are very neat and clear.But when it was drawn on the floor she mesmerized us with a design looking like a freehand drawing. Hats off to her imagination! She has scored well in the area of neatness and coloring too. Finally in both the rangolis, SO MANY aspects of pongal festival are very well depicted. Hence she deserves the First Prize. Smt. Sudha Balakrishnan has done a perfect job. Her dot count drawn on the floor is neat and perfect. The final product is just like a perfect picture with 100% symmetry in everything. Neat drawing and lovely coloring add the beauty. She has brought in the festival mood by depicting so many features of the celebration including the bulls/cows faces. Only missing element is the SUN God. Smt.Drshireesha has done an elegant design depicting the Pongal celebrations. Apart from the usual pongal pots and sugarcane, she well thought out to bring into her rangoli the kite flying, which is famous in North India during Shankranthi, and the cockfight, common in South India.The road side musician entertaining the public with his decorated bull gives the true festival effect! Nice coloring too! Smt.Prema Pattammal has done an unique beauty. Though she has given a dot count only for the basic center design her drawing is amazing. Only with white color she has created a wonderful eye catching design. very thin uniform ezhai and neat drawing are her plus points. She too has covered most of the pongal items in her rangoli. Others also have done beautiful rangolis, but in some aspects had not paid enough attention. Our judges did not want to discourage anybody by announcing the individual points. In IKolam ALL the participants are winners, according to our judges, and we couldn't agree more! :) Congratulations to ALL the participants! IKolam thanks all the artistic participants, all of our thoughtful commenters, and our fabulous judges!