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This rangoli was published on 2018-05-16.
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  • Freehand peacock rangoli.
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Kuzhal Kolam
Rangoli: Kuzhal Kolam
I made this kuzhal kolam after a long gap to welcome the Vikruthi varusham.
Proud Peacock
Rangoli: Proud Peacock
In our Apartment complex for Shankaranthi celebration I put this rangoli. For a long time I was thinking of trying the prize wiinning peacock kolam done by Dharshanamoola madam in the year 2008(...
Mayil maakkolam
Rangoli: Mayil maakkolam
Recently we saw Sowmya helping Rani by uploading her kolam. Now I am doing that . My neice Jayanthi visited my home last week and drew this lovely maakkolam,since she is very busy with school work I...
Freehand peacock rangoli.
Rangoli: Freehand peacock rangoli.
Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: Freehand peacock rangoli. by vasumathy sathish
Rangoli: rangoli
This rangoli was published on 2014-02-05.
Margazhi kolam
Rangoli: Margazhi kolam
This rangoli was published on 2014-01-21.
Peacock rangoli
Peacock rangoli. Contest entry Diwali rangoli contest - 2014: Peacock rangoli by rahulp301
Smriti's Pair of Peacock
Peacock's pair Peacock's pair Contest entry Diwali rangoli contest - 2014: Smriti's Pair of Peacock by Smriti Jain
peacock rangoli
Rangoli: peacock rangoli
Th done is dotted rangoli done by me for 10 minites. Ikolam viewers like this kolam. Thank U
Free hand peacock
Rangoli: Free hand peacock
This one took me around 1 hr. It is a free hand drawing. I did this yesterday for Maiyallar. On this day we felicitate Lord Murugar's Maiyal Vahanam. Actually, I was browsing the net to find some...