Rangoli: Anbusangeethji's incomplete rangoli

Here is the scanned & colored copy from my collections.

Rangoli: Bluebells - Anirudh

After seeing takers for maavu, animations...etc...i thought i should also give a try, as usual went with scan and coloring method, this time i used photoshop to do coloring to get the gradient effect for flowers and some extra twirls.

Rangoli: Janmastami at home

Here is the Janmastami pooja at home.

This time for the paada, i did a smaller version of Lakshmiji's 'Brahma kadiginaa paadamu'.

Rangoli: Different kinds of Boats

After comparing/talking Judyji's rangoli with Katti dONi, made one...but could not wait to put other dONis(boats) too Smile

1. Basic Boat 2. Katti Boat
3. Boat with wings 4. Boat with wings also has a pull over to take shelter for sun & rain check the red arrow, thats the paper you need to pull slowly (similar to those of open car with cover folded at the back Wink
4. Double Boat.

Will try to make videos of the same and upload sometime (i still have so many other origami videos to shoot Smile ).

Rangoli: The Varamahalakshmi Pooja

The Varamahalakshmi Pooja and celebration, since it was on a work day me and my sister could get only few hours break from work, hence had to use her embroidered rangoli

Rangoli: One more eLE rangavalli - colored and uncolored

usually eLE (line, without any dots) rangolis are not colored fully, may be just kumkum and haldi at the center...but i tired some coloring....included both as one pic.

Rangoli: The Granny's eLe rangavalli

after seeing mOhanaji's padikolam, i could get to remember my granny's eLe rangavalli, ....recollecting some of it, tried to make one using MSPaint. which is just the center piece of her rangavalli, which used to grow bigger bigger to fill the full courtyard of our house in village, missing those days now and her.

Rangoli: Krishna's Paadakamala

ideal one for the Janmastami pooja celebrations...the traditional design with some enhancements Smile

Dots 17X17