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Hi Admin I've uploaded my photos to Golu contest 2011 but i found my pictures are missing in the list. Also couldn't see those uploaded navarathri pictures in the gallery either. Can you please have a look at this issue? Meena
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Hi Meena, I'm sure we had published all of our participants' entries in the contests on the same date we had mentioned in the site and our newsletters. Also, I wish you had contacted us sooner. Maybe If you had noticed your missing files from our published pages sooner, we could have asked you to re-upload your entries. Since it is too late to enter them for the golu contest, maybe you'll consider uploading them again, for members to see and enjoy. I'm so sorry we missed your entries. I personally remember your last year's pictures. They were one of a kind and pretty elaborate!
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Dear Admin, I am Chitra Jagannathan, In your new look website, i am not able to find my name under Gallery. My id is Chitrajag.Kindly let me know how i can access my kolams. For the past 2 years i had not uploaded any kolam as we did not celebrate any festivals. From now on we will be celebrating and i will be uploading my kolams. Thanks Chitra
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We're glad to know that you are going to be an active participant in this site. Sometimes, inactive galleries can go into hiding, depending upon various things. Here is your gallery. It will start showing up in the list of names in a day or two. You could save the link as a bookmark and make use of it in the meantime, until your name gets added to the list. http://www.ikolam.com/gallery/9587 Thanks.
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Dear Admin, I am kanaka and my username is saka.for the past one week i am unable to upload my rangolis.i dont know why this happened.Last 2 months i could not upload any rangolis frequently due to my illness,my kid just tried to upload 1 or 2 of her works and she got it.Now I am trying for past one week ,when I click the upload button ,it doesnt get uploaded.Please let me know why.
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Hi, I am unable to see my name in member's list. And also my photos of recently done doll decorations which i uploaded are not at all visible. Can you please help me ? Thanx.
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Hi, I would like change my account name. But i do not see an edit option to change the same. Also my name is not visible in members list. Can any one help me out. ThankYou Mamatha
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Dear Lata Madam, I came to know from one of the member that if we were not active for few years then the name goes hidden in the Gallery. Can you please make my name visible now which will help me in knowing which kolams i have already uploaded and which is yet to be. I would like to have my own gallery. pl. help me out.Thanks in advance.
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why is it i am unable to see my name in the gallery?
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how can i uploaded my kollems?? plsss help me
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Hi meena...in any page when u r logged in...u can see upload option with a green arrow at d top ...if u take ur cursor near that...u can click d upload rangoli option which will lead to a page for uploading kolams...pl see if u r able to.
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Chethan Srinivasan
Hi All.. I'm unable to upload any kolam. Get an error message though the kolam is within the 2MB limt. Could any one of you help me solve the problem. Regards. Chethan. S
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Sowmya Raman

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Hi..My name is Sowmya and I am trying to upload my Rangoli's of Christmas, New year and Pongal, but I am not able to.... though the File extension and limit are acceptable. I dont even know how do I contact for this, So I am replying to this Comment. I am sorry for that. Pls help me.
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hi admin, i would like to upload my kolams. how do i go about doing it?
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sree rathna lakshmi
hi admin i want to upload my rangoli designs
Mon, 06/18/2012 - 03:12 Permalink
Dear Admin, I think my ikolam id also has gone into idle status. I would like to upload some rangolis. Could you please help me on this. Thanks - Sujatha
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hi admin.. i cant see any photos in tha art and craft section. i've uploaded one photo.. i can't see it too.. why??
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I see that you have uploaded a Ganesha rangoli for Navratri contest. There are no rangoli contest for navratri in ikolam. We do have our traditional Golu contest, Marapachi contest, and a new one this year - Sundal making contest. The last date to upload for all of these contests is Oct 31. Hope you'll participate and have fun! :) Please see: www.ikolam.com/navratri-contests-deadline-extended-oct-31
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Dear Lata, I am unable to vote Deepavali rangoli contest-2012.When I click on the contest entries,the voting format is appearing.I can view and give comments to each kolam.After posting my comments by clicking on Save below my comments the word 'EDIT' is coming.So I think my comments are not uploaded. Kindly guide me to vote and give comments.
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I've checked your account settings and didn't find anything unusual. The rating widget (vote) is found at top right part of the contest entry. Please try again.
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Thank you Lata.Now I am able to vote.Still the "Edit" word is appearing.Anyhow ok,I will try.
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Hi team Thanks for uploading my diwali kolam on your website. Afterthat I submitted two kolams for uploading. But I couldnt see them anywhere. Could you please look in to matter? thanks.
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Dear Admin Iam drshireesha ..i am not able to find my name under Gallery n unable to access my kolam which i uploaded yesterday..though it was created successfully..please look into the matter.. wishing you a very bright n colorful Happy new Year ahead.. drshireesha
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Thanks for sharing your artistic works with us! :) Your Rangoli has been published and your name has been added to the gallery list as well.
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Dear Admin, Im agila, i ve uploaded one picture which was drwan by my bother, its not published yet in the home page as well i cant see that in my gallery too. could you please look into that and update the picture. And also please send me the alters for contest im not receiving it. Kind Regards Agila
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Hi, I have newly joined ikolam during first week of Jan. I have uploaded couple of kolam's done by me, where in am able to find only 2 of them. Also my name is not in the Gallery. Kindly help to trace the pics uploaded by me, so that i can re-upload the missing ones. Appreciate your help ! My user name is SIVAGAAMI
Mon, 01/14/2013 - 06:53 Permalink
dear lata from pongal onwards I can't see all my uploads in my gallery can plz look over it? thankq
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Dear Agila, I hope you have had a chance to see your brother's drawing (Shivji), in the Photos section. Regarding alerts/newsletters, please make sure you are subscribed to receive those. Also, make sure you have updated your profile with one of current email addresses. And ofcourse, check the site regularly.
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Hi, i uploaded my pongal kolam, but unable to find my name and rangoli under gallery. Pls do the needful how to view my rangoli....
Sun, 01/27/2013 - 04:37 Permalink
There hasn't been any uploads with this username (sujatha.sm). Please try to upload again.
Mon, 01/28/2013 - 11:06 Permalink
Hi, I am unable to find my name under gallery (sujatha.sm) but my rangoli is uploaded and i can view my rangoli by logging into ...pls look into this and do the needful.
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Dear Sujatha.sm, Please make sure the rangoli images are complete images, with good clarity. Once you publish on an ongoing basis, we will create a gallery in your name. At the moment, you have one rangoli. We are not able to publish the other rangoli "Deepam rangoli" since it has been uploaded in a rotated position. Sorry.
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Vani Damodhar
Hi, I came continuously uploading rangoli from past 28 weeks but my name is still not available in the gallery. Could you please let me know when my Gallery would be created. Thanks, Vani Damodhar
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Hi, I am unable to see my name in member's list and I uploaded two simple rangoli photos which are not displayed in gallery. Can you please help me ?
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DEAR ADMIN, Myself sonalrmudaliyar facing some problem. I've uploaded my photos/rangolis for 4-5 times but I found my pictures missing in the list in spite after uploading message it displays on screen that rangoli created successfully. Also couldn't see those uploads in the gallery & my name in member list. please have a look in this issue & guide me with solution. Sonal Ravikumar.
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dear admin, My name doesn't show up in the gallery page. Is there a procedure to show up my name?
Sun, 01/05/2014 - 02:37 Permalink
Hai Lata Mam, I'm rema ramani. nan upload pannum kolangal varuvathillaiye, why?
Sat, 02/01/2014 - 20:49 Permalink
Hai lata mam, Nan kolam anuppuvathil ethavathu thappu irrukka? Nan annuppura kolangal (except contest) varuvathillaiye. Pl. do the needful.
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Galleries have been created for the following members: Thilagalakshmi Yams Yamuna NoorJahan Vasanthi Thiagarajan AjeeSujatha Kalapoornima SonalMudaliyar Vani Damodhar
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