Rangoli: Butterflies from my book  ; )

simple ones - scanned and colored
Dots 12 X 12

Rangoli: Peace Messenger birds

These birds can be used make nice borders.

Dots: 24 X 5.... can be extended as per the space available.

Rangoli: Rathasapthami

Usually drawn on the Rathasapthami day, with Sun in the centre. Can be modified to use for any other diety too. (again scanned & colored)

Dots 21 X 21.

Rangoli: Deepada Kamba - lamp stand

There used to be wooden stand for the lamps in villages. The same has been used with additional lotus stand, woodden stand on the lotus stand. Good one for deepavali. One of my favorite.

17 X 10 - remove excess dots after completion.

Rangoli: Ministers of the Darbar

My scanned collections, pretty easy one.
18 dots 4 lines, and the reduce 2 on each side till you reach 4 (both sides).

Rangoli: Beginners Rangoli - Duck

More scanned from my collections. I think this was very old one, when i started with this art, just added some colors

Rangoli: Traditional Peacocks with lamp

These are typical traditional designs used for brass lamps and in the silk sarees. Scanned from my collections and colored using photoshop

Rangoli: Flowers

Started off with a flower motif and expanded by adding more flowers.