Rangoli: sikku/chikku kolam borders -1

Here are borders i tried before making them for the iKolam Karnival Banner. It was nice experience. Now started liking them more & more.

Dot counts for the motifs mainly 5-3-1 or 6-4-2 and extra as needed to join the motifs.

Rangoli: Here comes the blommed Daffodils

For a change, i thought of putting Origami Rangolis. So, here are the blommed Daffodils with some leaves. I have also put the Daffodils on the stem too.

Rangoli: here comes bloomed Amaryllis

Again 6petalled amaryllis origami, used clay as base on a plate and then decorated with the origami leaves. In the center placed a seedbox flower. This is a modular flower, means contains more than one unit. Here I have used two 3petalled flower.

Rangoli: Some rangolis at the event

Here is the collage of the rangolis we all did at the iKolam Karnival

Rangoli: iKolam Karnival - Free hand Krishna, Hanuman, GaruDa

Ajji inspiried aunty (Lakshmiji's co-sister Prema Murali) to draw rangolis and she came up krishna with a pot of butter, hanuman and garuda.

Rangoli: iKolam Karinval - Kolam Collage

Here is collage of few kolams we all tried in the meet.

Rangoli: The BengaLuru meet - banner

Here is banner done for the event. The center design separate rabbits rangoli playing the welcome music (inspired by one drum beating rabbits) and the border inspired by the Ministers of Darbar rangoli (base 12X7 straingt) in my collection. After designing this i saw similar clown pyramid by Vani Muthukrishnan's blog too and Pavan also used it. Very nice co-incidence we all think similar Smile ...wondering what do with leftover dots, so fusioned the sikku kolams there, first time did some trails on sikku kolams to get it perfect and match the dots.......minutes of the meeting on the way....until enjoy this

Dot counts:
Center - 15 X 8 - middle
Border - welcome couple (base 12 X 7 - straight) - 5 times to fill the whole line
Side border - Clowns - (base 7 X 6 - straight) - 6 times to fill the whole side.
Will add more borders i tried out for before selecting one.

Rangoli: Vaasthu Mandala

This was done in our new house warming under the guidance of the Purohit. Only five colors needs to be used representing the PanchaBhoothas.
Dot counts 10 X 10. Outer border freehand, first time used the coffee filter to pour colors. Hence tapping the filter on the floor gives a wavy border.