Margazhi dew drops kolam contest - 2013

Here are the Margazhi dew drops kolam contest entries. Best of luck to all our participants! Admire, enjoy, and comment! Smile

Hi friends, i have uploaded the Pongal kolam, comprising the commonly used items during the pongal festival. Now its your turn to comment on the kolam. -Prema
stars n peacocks done with dots. 13 dots inter dots till 7 dots. I enjoyed making this rangoli hope ypu all like it
Hi. Wishing one and all a Very Happy Pongal. Enclosing picture of the Kolam done for Pongal. Have made a Sikku kolam carpet to welcome Sun God. The grid is 25 rows of 25 dots each (25*25). Hope you all like the same. Your valuable comments awaited.
This kolam is dotted. 17- 3 times upto 3 straight dots. Pongal Paanai, Sugarcane, Manjal, Suriyan , Lotus, Deepam, everything is there in the kolam along with pongal wishes.
This one is dotted kolam 17 - 3 - 3, i used Kolam podi and colour flour. My mother filled the colors. I am expecting your valuable comments. Kind Regards Agila
Hi Friends, This is my first upload for Margazhi Dew Drops Contest. Expecting your views and comments.
I did this for rangoli contest 2013 of ikolam..... it took 2hours for me to complete...... its 17*9 dot pattern.....
hai frnz,,, i did this on the occasion of pongal festival,,, it took 2hrs to complete,, ur sincere comments and votes pls
Hi Friends, This is my first try of carpet type kolam using Dots. I have used 20 dots of 10 lines. I used all the dots in some manner. This is a Carpet woven specially for Pongal. Expecting your comments please.
Friends, I drew the HAPPY PONGAL rangoli for Vasal/Suriyan Pongal with 21 - 11 interlaced dots. I enclose the pencil sketch with the dot grid as first image. The second image is the colored version of my rangoli. The center portion of the rangoli is a dotted one. The outer portion (Border) is both freehand and dotted for the decoration of the rangoli. Hope u all like it... Eagerly waiting for ur views....
Friends, my cow and dancing girls are coming to say HAPPY MATTU PONGAL & KAANUM PONGAL to u all. I drew this rangoli for both Mattu Pongal & Kaanum Pongal celebrations. The cow image drawn for the celebration of Mattu Pongal and dancing girls images drawn for the celebration of Kaanum Pongal. It has two type of grids. The cow image has 10-10 straight dots and the dancing girls image has 9-5 interlaced dots. I merged both the dot grids and added some interlaced dots in between of them. I enclose the pencil sketch with the dot grid as first image. The second image is the colored version of my rangoli. The center portion of the rangoli is a dotted one. The outer portion (Border) is freehand for the decoration of the rangoli. Hope u all like it... Eagerly waiting for ur views....
Dots 15 to 8 ,in-between,middle15 to top&bottom8 Concept: symbols of Pongal and Uttarayan I have used free hand and dots to portray the scene. I did this kolam on Bogi in-spite of freezing and windy weather here and so couldn't get a crisp kolam. Bear with me for the paper version! : ( Happy Pongal to all! : ) Sharmila
This is my kolam for pongal rangoli contest. It takes 1 hour to complete
Dear friends...Here is my submission for the dew drops contest with the theme Pongal celebration. Your views on this please.
Hello friends...hope you like my dotted kolam consisting 31-1-straight dots done for this year's margazhi contest...eagerly waiting for your views
Hello friends...hope you like this another dotted kolam consisting 25x13-interlaced dots done for this years margazhi contest...eagerly waiting for your views
Ready thia kolam for this contest only.. How's this.. Give your sugesstions
The rangOli was created on a grid of 29 horizontal rows and 35 vertical colimns. Out of the 1015 dots on the rectangular grid 614 (60.5 %) were actually used for the patterns. The unused dots are shown as small black dots. This is a symmetric, stylized and symbolic pattern, not drawn to scale. 1) At the base are two 8x13 single line sona patterns connected at the bottom. The numbers 8 and 13 were chosen as these are virahAnka-hEmachandra (Fibonacci) numbers (1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,...). Any growth in nature involves such numbers. Since sankrAnti or pongal is a harvest festival of nature, this choice, I believe, is apt. This is color-coded by pink in the dots figure and has 215 dots. On this base is a simple common pattern in light and dark blue. It has also four little lamps at the corners. 21 dots were used for all these. 2) At the two ends are two stylized pieces of sugarcane, indicated by violet color (22 dots each). It is made with a single line. 3) At the center is the pongal pot ( brownish orange) with a blue chikku kOlam as a decoration and reddish lines. The pot has 133 dots. On the top of the pot are the greyish white "bubbles of prosperity" with 31 dots. The pot outline has two lines of the same color. The blue decoration has only one line. The small red dots form the red decorative lines. 4) At the bottom of the pot, on either side is a single line lamp as seen sideways. Each lamp has 7 dots. The color code is dark brown. 5) Since sankrAnti is a sun festival marking the northward movement of the sun (unfortunately late by nearly 21 days and sad to say, we are still following the wrong date), on either side of the pot is a chariot pattern with the red sun in the center. Each chariot is made of 56 dots. This is in light and dark brown lines. 6) Above the chariots are the svAstika symbol, clockwise (savya) and anti-clockwise (apasavya). I included the reverse svAstika sign for two reasons -(i) to preserve the left-right symmetry, and (ii) sankrAnti is not only a festival day of joy, but also a poignant day of remembrance for the departed souls, which is generally observed in the "apasavya" fashion. These are in red. Each has 25 dots. All the chikku patterns are of the woven type (up and down lines). The conception, drawing and execution took about ten hours spread over a few days. Since in the announcement there is no mention of any "medium" or "powder-only", I am submitting this pattern and I hope it will be accepted. I am sure you will all enjoy this symbolic drawing for sankrAnti and pongal. I wish all other contestants a very merry time! Regards! - mOhana Distribution of dots (total dots in the rectangle 35 x 29 = 1015, sugarcane 22x2 = 44, base 13x8 =104x2 = 208 + 7 = 215, central pattern on the base 17, lamps 7x2 = 14, sun 25x2 = 50, chariot 56x2 = 112, pot 133, bubbles 31, total dots used 614)
This is simple pongal kolam for the contest. dot count 21-1 nerpulli. hope you all like it friends. The pongal pots are kept under vaikol pirimani, sugarcane pieces , turmeric and ginger and the sun god in the centre.
Entry by Mrs Nirmala Gopalakrishnan for Marghazai Kolam contest 2013.
Hi freinds, This kolam I drew for this mar ghazi dew drop 2013. Hope you all like this kolam. Your comments is highly appreciable. Pongallo pongal The dot is from 32 dots in 16 lines and with 16 dots
hai frnz,, this was done on the occasion of pongal in front of my premises,,, i enjoyed a lot creating this,,, hope u also like this,,, ur sincere comments and votes pls,,,
pongal kolam hoping iam not late for submission as per PST.....shal be glad to be part of competition..Thank you latha..
Hi Lata and dear friends, I came to know that two kolams can be submitted for the contest through Lakshmi. So I am sending the second kolam in chick ku kolam style. I request you to kindly accept this entry which I have done at the last moment. Sorry Lata for the inconvenience caused. Please do comment on this too.
This is a Dotted kola with the Dot count 19-10 ( interlaced)
This is a Dotted kolam with the Dot count 15-1 (straight)