Rangoli: My Malaysia Team Rangoli for DeepaavaLi

My Malaysia Team participated in the Rangoli Contest for DeepaavaLi Celebration at office. I selected this peacock design for them to make it and gave the necessary steps to draw & color. The colors where given at the contest itself and hence had to make use of the available ones. I am happy as they participated for first time and got second prize, btw all of them are chinese, & me being the virtual guide :), as i was flying back on the eventday Sad
...inspired by one of the glass painting found on net. I have used the same peacock back in home for the festival Smile

Rangoli: Happy DeepaavaLi

Here is the picture of our rangoli at home, designed by me and ...execution on the table with my sister's help.

Dot count 29 X 15 ...extra 5, 3, 1 for Ganesha's crown. Will upload the dotted-PC version soon Smile

Wishing you all a joyful, prosperous & safe DeepaavaLi.

Rangoli: Color clay dough Ganesha

This is made from the clay I got from my malaysia team member, who gave me the kit after seeing some of my craft work. together we spent our last hour of day to make Ganesha and flowers, apple with the leftover clay Smile ....more to follow

BTW, this is a special clay, requires Nivea cream to knead the dough Smile ...pretty expensive Smile

Rangoli: Deepaavali Rangoli in my Malaysia office

My Malaysia office is already geared up for Deepaavali. and they have put this rangoli with colored rice at the reception. I could not help them, otherwise i would have taken care of all the color symmetry Smile ...but sharing their work

Dot count 15 X 1 - straight dots

Rangoli: Modified sonapatterns side by side

Here is the shishyapiece Smile mOhanaji's modified sonapattern, with a center design connecting the sona. Drawn using rangoli powder on my computer table.
Dot counts
15 - 3 lines
13 - 3 lines (leaving 1 dot on each side)
9 - 3 lines (leaving 2 dots on each side)
3 - line (leaving 3 dots on each side)
repeat from 13 dots on other side.

....and the masterpiece here,

Rangoli: Happy Gowri Ganesha Chathurthi

My Ganesha Vandana for this year....wanted to do this in real this time, but again not able to be at home due to work. May be next time or any other day. Here is my own design developed inspired by the concept of Varalakshmi-Kalasha design from Mrs.Lakshmi.

Dot counts 23 X 12 and 11, 12 all six sides for the pedestals.

Happy Gowri-Ganesha chathurthi for all.

Rangoli: Janmashtami celebration at home

As we were busy at work, this time we invited Lord with a simple flower rangoli and paadam. Happy Janmashtami, wish the Lord bestow all his love & care to us.

Rangoli: Simple Lotus

This was in my photo album, done in one of the festival long time ago.
Dot count 9 X 9, extra dots for the lotus-calyx or can also be freehand