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Hi friends,
After welcoming New year, now only I am coming here to wish you all Happy new year.
Will you mind dears?
O.K. this is for craft session. As usual matti cloth, cross stitch design.

This I am uploading for craft session.
As usual done on a matti cloth and cross stitch adhered to.
The stitches telling the message.

This thread work was done by me some years ago..Thought to share for the theme...your views please.

As it is my E.Kolam. This time in a plastic canvas with wool.

Huck Embroidary is also known asSwedish weaving .It was used in the 1940s to decorate the borders of Huck towels with embroidery floss. Today it is used for afghans, placemats, table runners, pillows, and more. Swedish weaving can be done on a variety of even-weave fabrics including huck toweling, monk’s cloth, and Aida cloth. Swedish weaving is unique in that you only work on the front side of the fabric and the stitching does not show on the back. Traditional Swedish weaving designs are usually mirror images.
When I am littleschool going girl, my elder sister(Radikas grandmother) make a lot of designs in this cloth and make shoulderbag to carry books to school. She is legend in this embroidary and make a lot of designs like butterfly, fish star and a lot.
Now i tried it out with Siddhus Towel.