Let's go on a cruise

How are you all doing? Schools are yet to resume at our end of the globe and we have a few more days of our summer vacation left. It is upto us to enjoy them to their fullest. After spending some time thinking about what could be done in these last few days of summer, this is what we’ve come up with:- What could be more relaxing and rewarding that going on a cruise with friends and family? Won’t you please join us? Read More

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  • let's go on cruise
  • dedicated to LATA MAM
  • Fishes on the cruise
  • Bon voyage theme
  • Cruise Theme
  • fish
  • Indianised ships - Let us go on a cruise
  • Bon Voyage
  • Fish Kolam
  • orange fish 3
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  • Fish kolam 1
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Rangoli: for members only

Hello friends, All are in traveling mood.so one more boat is ready.All of you ready?

Rangoli: let's go on cruise

Lata, just made this in Photoshop(not an expert) for let's go on cruise...don't know whether it...

Rangoli: dedicated to LATA MAM

Dear Lata mam.,

SORRY FOR THE DELAY.... i saw your message (curise rangoli) for my this...

Rangoli: Fishes on the cruise

This is a fish kolam with dot count 7 to 4 intermediate and 1 dot on all the sides. Hope you...

Rangoli: Bon voyage theme

Lata Mam, i am sending the shell kolam in the theme of Bon voyage!... this kolam was drawn on...

Rangoli: Cruise Theme

For the cruise theme a picture from my side.I took this picture when we went to Children's...


Hai to all...this 9x5 dotted kuzhal kolam was done for d cruise theme...i am reminded of maha's...

Rangoli: fish

Hi friends, this is another fish kolam for the cruise from 11 to 1

Rangoli: Indianised ships - Let us go on a cruise

Atlast I could make this weekend.
Here comes Indianised ships, with fishes, turtles &...


Hi lata aunty..dis is my another submission for cruise theme..after so many years i found some...

Rangoli: Bon Voyage

I know iam too late to upload this kolam. But due to time constrain iam not able to do that last...

Rangoli: Fish Kolam

I know iam too late to upload this kolam. But due to time constrain iam not able to do that last...

Rangoli: orange fish 3

This is also for the concept kola from the dots 11 to 6

Rangoli: fish 2

This is another kolam for the cruise. this is also dotted kolam from 9 to 5

Rangoli: Fish kolam 1

Hi friends this kolam is for the concept kolam. This is a dotted kolam from 5 to 3

Rangoli: Octopus

This is a freehand drawing of a real looking octopus and a cartoon version of octopus. Hope you...