The BengaLuru meet - banner

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Here is banner done for the event. The center design separate rabbits rangoli playing the welcome music (inspired by one drum beating rabbits) and the border inspired by the Ministers of Darbar rangoli (base 12X7 straingt) in my collection. After designing this i saw similar clown pyramid by Vani Muthukrishnan's blog too and Pavan also used it. Very nice co-incidence we all think similar Smile ...wondering what do with leftover dots, so fusioned the sikku kolams there, first time did some trails on sikku kolams to get it perfect and match the dots.......minutes of the meeting on the way....until enjoy this

Dot counts:
Center - 15 X 8 - middle
Border - welcome couple (base 12 X 7 - straight) - 5 times to fill the whole line
Side border - Clowns - (base 7 X 6 - straight) - 6 times to fill the whole side.
Will add more borders i tried out for before selecting one.

Rangoli: The BengaLuru meet - banner


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Nice design, imagining how the rabbit orchestra will sound like!

Regards! - mOhana

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Very nice design. The chikku kolams adds to the beauty. Very well done Anirudh.

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Very nice banner with cute rabbits playing music. The top and the bottom parts looks like people have assembled in a darbar, while the clown assembly on the sides adds an element of fun to the entire picture. A good looking border surrounding them all. Smile

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Colourful banner for the neelkamal meet! You could have added some origami patterns also!

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on d whole the banner looks awesome...d sikku kolam border is too good...

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Great idea to see the rabbit orchestra and the traditional outer chikku kolam border

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nice one anirudh

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NIce imagination! Now i got it that why you were not seen in ikolam for sometime.

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excellent work!!! looks like "Vijayanagara Raja Durbhaar"


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Such innovative idea that is rabbits are playing musical instruments for darbar and border of both sides which was done on the banner its really nice. Good work keep it up. Agila

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Awaiting to see the photos of Bangalruru grand meeting

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anirudh excellent work!!! keep it up

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Hi When and where is this in Bengaluru. I would like to join the same. Please let me know

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Thanks to all.
Jayaji, sure will try next time Smile
Vijiji thank you, i have posted the pics in the Cafe - Festivals section, please have a look.
Sorry Vanithaji, it was on 18th April. will include you next time.

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Well done Anirudh - this banner is so creative and lovely - hats off to you Smile

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Anirudh, a very nice banner for your hard efforts, sorry i distrubed you in this a lot. well done for a great job.

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Sad Pleaseeee dont forget to include me next time. By the way, your work is excellent.

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Very nice banner Anirudhji...-Indira

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thanks Judy.
hi Sudha, no problems at all it was great opportunity to try out different things, it was an honour to me, thank you.
thanks Vanithaji, sure we will send the invite.
thanks Indiraji.

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wow,anirudh very wonderful work you have done.very attractive and beautiful .I like the border couple portion very much.bunnies are very cute.Thank you so much for giving this opportunity .I don't know ,how I missed it. Smile :love: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: