Vaasthu Mandala

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This was done in our new house warming under the guidance of the Purohit. Only five colors needs to be used representing the PanchaBhoothas.
Dot counts 10 X 10. Outer border freehand, first time used the coffee filter to pour colors. Hence tapping the filter on the floor gives a wavy border.

Rangoli: Vaasthu Mandala


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Wow pavan wonderful and splendid work... the black in the rangoli enhances the beauty of this and nice color combination. Whatever method you have used to do the border, it looks amazing... my imagination is running wild as to how u used a coffee filter... can u pls elaborate... if ur busy now maybe at our Bangalore meet...

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Sorry I put the wrong name, I meant Anirudh...

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wow very nice one and coffee filter is very useful for this. gud idea

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Anirudh, Congratulations for the house warming ceremony for the new house. the rangoli is really fantastic , Why not we will have a demo on this coffee filter too ? Are you talking about the tea or cream strainer ? please let me know . Colour combinations is really supperb.

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anirudhji nice wavy border, the colour looks beautiful

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Superb kolam

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hai sir a very attractive rangoli for an auspicious ceremony with regards

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rangoli is really fantastic Anirudji

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Congratulations for the new house! Good pattern, carefully drawn. The design could be used to play a game!

Regards! - mOhana

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A very pretty design, with pleasing colors.Outer design gives a different look to the square design. What the inner square drawing represents? Anything spl pooja.? Congrats for the New House warming .

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Congrats for the new HOME Anirudh. Very attractive rangoli and the wavy border gives a lovely effect.

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Looks like mosaic tiles. Bye the way, who is the creator in paper and on the floor? YOU???

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nice kolam.

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Pretty floral design ,different color combination,.Congrates on your new "home sweet home" Smile

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Congratulations! Neat design, and a checkerboard game too.

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Anirudh avare,Congratulations for the new house!! ur panchavarna rangoli looks grand...border has come out very nice...

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thanks to all.

yes sudhaji, its the strainer for coffee, filter is a kind of commonly used word at home :). We get the one with small pores and a round base, looks like a conical cup, that one will be easy to tap on the floor. this makes small circles and we can overlap these when we next circle is done, sure can give a demo on this.

yes rajammaji, it was for vaastu pooja

jayanthiji, the design owned by Purohit...and he was about to start, then i said, will make it, so he guided me with where, what colors to be filled.

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It's very good. with the dots you had mentioned i tried , but unable todraw.Pl guide.

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Very neat and beautiful work.

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thanks, I will upload one with dots