sikku/chikku kolam borders -1

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Here are borders i tried before making them for the iKolam Karnival Banner. It was nice experience. Now started liking them more & more.

Dot counts for the motifs mainly 5-3-1 or 6-4-2 and extra as needed to join the motifs.

Rangoli: sikku/chikku kolam borders -1


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awesome borders anirudh....thanks a lot...

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Wonderful borders, Anirudh! I liked them very much for their designs and colour.

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Fantastic Anirudh!!!Thanks for sharing


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Anirudh, Border design looks great.. The first design looks like Maavilai Thoranam..

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Hey Anirudh - lovely borders. Now it is my turn to copy these designs in my book Smile

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nice colorful chikku kolam borders, Anirudh. so many r ready to copy it.

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Anirudh Mind blowing borders. I really liked the third one it is so cute. Pleassssse feel free to call me sudha not ji( Do not make me ajji so fast !!!!!!!).

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thanks to all.
Sudha....sure Sudha Smile
Judy ...thank you, you are most welcome Smile

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Good borders, must try some of these for the border space groups.

Regards! - mOhana

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all r pretty...-Indira

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Some really wonderful borders.So beautiful.Seems I need to learn a lot from these.
Thnks so much.

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thanks virve

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very good borders thanks

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Intricate work. very nice patterns

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its very nice and its very awesome