Simple Lotus

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About Simple Lotus :

This was in my photo album, done in one of the festival long time ago.
Dot count 9 X 9, extra dots for the lotus-calyx or can also be freehand

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Simple Lotus


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nice kolam did u crop d photo into an octagonal shape....using photoshop or did it manually.....

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nice one

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nice design

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Lotus from the top angle and side angle view in one kolam! nice.

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Beautiful work.

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Good work anirudh.Colour combination is also good. Nice octogonal image.

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In the thumb nail, the kolam looks as if it is drawn on the ceiling. What is the angle (degree) of the camera at which the kolam is captured.

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Pretty lotus flowers and borders.. Could see the table cloth with single row sikku kolam drawn.. Is it a embroidery work?
For me too, it looked like ceiling drawing..

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Very nice Anirudh. Flat lotuses are really looking pretty.

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thanks to all.
i have just clipped the corners to make it octogonal
yes Vinciji, its the embroidery work done by my sister for the table cloth.....will share the full cloth sometime

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beautiful and very neat Anirudh - thanks for sharing Smile