My Malaysia Team Rangoli for DeepaavaLi

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My Malaysia Team participated in the Rangoli Contest for DeepaavaLi Celebration at office. I selected this peacock design for them to make it and gave the necessary steps to draw & color. The colors where given at the contest itself and hence had to make use of the available ones. I am happy as they participated for first time and got second prize, btw all of them are chinese, & me being the virtual guide :), as i was flying back on the eventday Sad
...inspired by one of the glass painting found on net. I have used the same peacock back in home for the festival Smile

Rangoli: My Malaysia Team Rangoli for DeepaavaLi


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Beautiful blazing peacock! Congratulations to the team and to you too! Great job. Smile
I can see that something has been erased during editing/uploading.

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Wonderful Aniruth sir, Fabulous presentation

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The spirit of Navilus are excellent. convey our wishes to your team.... A Good team Leader you are Anirudh, congrats. Nice contrast of red peacocks instead of the usual blue/ green ones.What is that white plate, by the way?

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Your team has done you proud Anirudh - wonderfully created with striking colours - congrats on receiving the second prize Smile

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Nice modern art peacock with dashing colors. Kudos for the team and the virtual guide!

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Such a bright and beautiful presentation anirudh...thanks a lot for sharing...btw a welcome change for d usual peacock cols used....

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Very bright and beautiful,anirudh

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Very nice peacock design Mr Anirudh. Peacock is looking very bright and bold. Congrats to you and your team, on winning second prize.


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i just remember the fire bird tale anirudh, ur peacock resembles that one, superb

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Congrats to your team on winning the prize. A new Peppy Costume for Peacock which makes it to look more attractive.

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Congrats to the team Leader and to the team for achieving the second place, this being their first attempt. Very well done and the modern peacock looks so beautiful:)

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Congrats to your team... Red peacock is also very beautifull-Indira Sundar

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Lovely design and nicely done... congrats on winning

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thanks soooooooo much. i am very happy for my team, all your wishes are conveyed to them too.
lata/ rajammaji, that part we had placed the logo of our company, somehow felt need to keep it secret :), hope my other friends how know will maintain the same Smile ...yeah not a proper editing, i did it in a hurry-burry to upload fast.

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WOW ! A different looking peacock ! bright 'n' beautiful Smile
congrats to your team for winning the prize :):)

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Nice work, but red colour for the peacock is unusual, but may be for the Chinese, red is always an auspicious colour.

Regards! - mOhana

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Hi Anirudh, new dimension for the peacock and imagining red peacock. You have emerged as a successful team leader. What I appreciate the most is, teaching Indian tradition to your Malaysia team there by sprading the indian tradition colours abroad. I am very proud of you.Convey my wishes and thanks to your Malaysia team members.

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Wonderfu work ..looks like a painting.....

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What a bright rangoli with unusual peacock in red. Congrats for being the online and motivating guide and for making them win a prize. Very proud of u Anirudh.