Happy Gowri Ganesha Chathurthi

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My Ganesha Vandana for this year....wanted to do this in real this time, but again not able to be at home due to work. May be next time or any other day. Here is my own design developed inspired by the concept of Varalakshmi-Kalasha design from Mrs.Lakshmi.

Dot counts 23 X 12 and 11, 12 all six sides for the pedestals.

Happy Gowri-Ganesha chathurthi for all.

Rangoli: Happy Gowri Ganesha Chathurthi


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Wow!!!! Beautiful Ganesha & varalakshmi. The laddu & nagabaranam are very natural. Thanx for sharing

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Very beautiful ganesha and lakshmi...

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Hi anirudh, nimma maneyavarigella gowri ganesha habbadha shubhashayagalu. Gowri mathu ganesha thumbha chennagidhe. the faces are really charming.looks like a painting, but really wonderful and awesome. By the way veni and jasree this i not varalakshmi this is gowri, ganesha's mother. Usually in karnataka, first they invite gowri that is the mother and later on they do prayers for ganesha.

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Anirudh this is an absolutely stunning creation - I just love the way you have effortlessly made such a complicated kolam - too good for words to express. Gowri looks lovely with her colourful costume and wonderful accessories. Ganesha is not far behind though as he looks so handsome and his shape and size is simply superb. Wonder if anyone would want to try this on the floor??

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new design gud one. and nice one.

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wow!!simply superb!!!it has come out very very nice....waiting to see on the floor........

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I'm in and out of this page just trying to gather some words..
Could sense the tremendous effort you have put forth for this marvelous output.. Each detailing has been done to perfection.. Again lost for words...

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Anirudh, fantabulous. What a lovely creation. I am really proud of you. I wonder, you have taken such a care in creating minute designs and hence both Mother and So are so perfect in everything (Costume, coloring, accessories, expressions..........) and looking great. I dont know how much patience and effort you invested on this? the output is so wonderful. Definitely "Ibbara AshirvAda Nimma Mele ide" .Hats off to you.

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Anirudh so very neatly done and the detailing is amazingly beautiful, be it the ornaments, the snake, or the decorations on the hands and sarees... wonderful work... loved it

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After a long time you have presented us with a lovely Gowr/Ganesha kolam. Look like a painting. The coloring, decorations are super.

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wow...this is fantastic anirudh...lovely ganesha and gowri maa....

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wow! Excellent work anirudh .What a beautiful creation and colour combination also too good.Thks for sharing this superb kolam...................

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thank you... thank you.. thank you... thanks a lot...... i was very very happy after finishing this rangoli....now toooooooooo happy after reading all your comments....thanks a lot for all the inspirations and guidance.

actually when i saw the varalakshmi kaLasa design from Lakshmiji & friends, i thought i should try something similar on same lines for Gowri-Ganesha festival and this design got developed. And yes photoshop ehancements are learnt from seeing Judy's designs, thought not so perfect, but able to make some.....so, i vow a lot to ikolam friends for this to complete. thanks again

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lovely Gowri Ganesha kolam, Ani. It is nice that you create topical designs so beautifully. My MIL loved your work and wants to know the dotted version of this (with out filling the colour). Thank You.

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Beautiful Gowri Ganesh kolam Anirudhji. No words to express. Ganesh and Gowri's colour combination is very nice and the ornaments and costumes are fantastic.

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Wow! Looks like real Ganesha is sitting. You have amazing tallent on you...........

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Amazing art work anirudh.color, design all are very very good.so neat and perfect.

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the background colour is very bright and ganesha & gowri shading is beautiful. Wink Smile :bigsmile: