Happy DeepaavaLi

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Here is the picture of our rangoli at home, designed by me and ...execution on the table with my sister's help.

Dot count 29 X 15 ...extra 5, 3, 1 for Ganesha's crown. Will upload the dotted-PC version soon Smile

Wishing you all a joyful, prosperous & safe DeepaavaLi.

Rangoli: Happy DeepaavaLi


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Lovely execution of peacocks and Ganesha rangoli! Colors are pleasing on the whole, and the whole decor on the table looks divine. Thank you for the wishes, and hope you had a good celebration as well. Smile

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Awesome creation. Very nice colour combinations. Peacocks looks so realistic. Thanks for your wishes and my belated Diwali wishes to you and ur family.


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Very very beautiful presentation.the peacocks and Ganesha all look wonderful.stunning rangoli and decoration,really very nice!

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Very very beautiful presentation anirudh...though it is a dotted one as u have mentioned it looks more like a stunning freehand design....whenever u get a chance to visit us pl give a demo on ur doing of d feathers of d peacocks...we will be very grateful to u...

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Fantastic Work.. I'm lost for words. Handsome peacocks with grand dispaly of feathers, its really a feast to eyes.. Wish to have a closer view of Ganesha.

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very pretty decoration.
Lovely rangoli, divine status, beautiful lamps. Totally very nice.

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beautiful 'n' serene Smile overall decoration is wonderful Smile
Thanks fr sharing

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The hands which designed and the hands which executed this artistic and divine creation deserve a tremendous applause Smile

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The peacock drawing and coloring are different from what we have seen so far. The execution is perfect!

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You have left me speechless Anirudh. What a wonderful creation this one is. So perfect with regard to the symmetry, colouring and the shape. The only odd bit is the colour of the peacock's body - had you used ramar blue or some darker shade it would have been amazing. The ganesha looks so very cute and coloured beautifully. Do you have a closeup shot of that so we could it enjoy it completely?? Hats off to you Smile

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wonderful creation by brother and sister. the stylish peacock jodi dancing in glee. The free hand drawing and coloring are superb.Anirudh, thanks for wishing us thru this masterpiece rangoli.

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Wonderful Anirudhji. Lilac colour of the body of the peacock looks somewhat different. But still looks nice.

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speechless ........ superb choice of colrs, elegant ganesha, stunning feathers, pretty diyas etc all deserve a full loud clap frm entire ikolam team

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Anirudh what a marvelous job ... I dont have words to express what I see... on the whole it is a visual treat to my eyes... excellent work keep it up

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thank you all.
it was good festive time at home, without any work hassles Smile ...touch wood, luckily no one bugged me for any work issues this time.
thanks raNiji, since i wanted to have twin peacocks, i used dots so that its easy to retain the symmetry, hope to meet you all in the next meet or sometime, when i come over to Chennai. surely will try to give demo, if the time permits, probably my PC-verison with dots highlighted will help better.
Vinciji/ Judy, i have uploaded the closeup of Ganesha. Actaully i wanted to make indigo color, but some mixing error came up with this and had to use it. We have to shop for colors for the upcomming festivals, may be will try to take Brindhaji's help to go to her shop Smile
thanks rajammaji, its your way of filling colors to feathers i have incorporated. i have learnt so much from all of you.
thanks again.

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What a magnificent work! I love this, particularly the richness of feathers. Quite divine too. May you prosper!

Regards! - mOhana

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very beautiful and neat rangoli...the peacocks are stunning...what a symmetry ...the Ganesha at the top is so divine ...the feathers look so natural to me...

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Wow, I feel like watching the peacocks and its feathers.

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Lovely Rangoli,having a great feel of the festival.we missed u in the chennai meet

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I am enjoying the dancing peacocks

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thanks soo mOhana Sir, i am so happy.
Yes, i too missed the meet...will try sometime to come over to chennai Smile

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Excellant job.Peacock looks very natural.I appreciate your wonderful creation .Keep it up.

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Excellent work. Had you put it for some contest, you would have definitely won a prize. Peacock feathers are very beautiful.

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thanks shobhaji, pragayaji