Rangoli: Jayaji's puzzle - 1

Here is my interpretation of Jayaji's puzzle. The clue made it much easier.
8-petalled green flower gives the top view of the tress and squares the plots. Hope my answer is correct.

Dot grid:
25 - 5 lines
leave 5 dots, then again 25 - 5 lines
25 - 5 lines
leave 5 dots, then again 25 - 5 lines
top: leave 7 dots, then 8 dots - 5 lines, from RHS 5 dots- 5lines
down: 5 dots- 5 lines, from RHS leave 7 dots, then 8 dots - 5 lines.

Confusing dots then easy with free hand too Smile

Rangoli: Rajammaji's Puzzle - 2 (previous one)

Sorry for making this late. Since we had to put the real rangoli, took some time for to get a work-break and finish, as usual on my table. Rajammaji gave us Times New Roman alphabets, I made them in Monotype Corsiva font & got see an "R".

Dedicated to Rajammaji for making this site more lively with all the puzzles….ok ma’m we are ready for next :party:

Rangoli: Answer for Rajammaji's Puzzle-3

Here is my answer. Joined the motif to form a flower basket (inspired by the tradional starflower basket). This one does not give any space at all.

dot count 21 X 1 and add stop till 16 dots on the top and extra (two motifs) near the handle.

btw... how did i first start? check the right side pic with all 25 pieces assembled on my comp-table ;-). Now i have the puzzle blocks, need to arrange as needed Smile

Rangoli: Puzzle answer - version 2

Though not a correct puzzle answer, used the 8 + 1 units to form this design. I am saying +1 because the center-unit varies in the dots (5X5) with other units(4X4). Center small square is free hand enlcosing the center dot.

Dot grid 13 X 13 or 13 dots - 7 lines and reduce in steps till 7.
Thanks Rajammaji, waiting for the next puzzle Smile

Rangoli: My Puzzel version - 1

Here comes two of my versions of Rajammaji's puzzle after mergeing the units joined at the corner points. Done just with basic MSPaint. Slightly gave a curve to make the pinwheel different. Hope to try sometime in real with kolapudi.

The dot grid 16 X 16 - remove extra dots or
16 - 4 lines and then decrease in steps to reach 4 on each side.

Rangoli: Stars in a box

While trying rajammaji's puzzle, got to make a smaller design and ended up extending to make this stars design. I am sure many of us would have tried the corner design.

btw, still working on the puzzle :), oh seeing a new clue ...till then enjoy this Smile

Rangoli: Happy Yugaadi (Ugaadi)

Happy Yugaadi to all.

'Yuga' meaning 'era' and 'aadi' means 'the beginning’.

Lakshmi ma'm has already provided more details of the festival Smile

A simple festival decoration done last year, not sure how i missed this to share.

Have a blessed year ahead.

Rangoli: MahaShivaraathri

Here is the MahaShivarathri rangoli done at home asusual on a table. Praying Lord to bestow his blessings on all of us.

13 X 13 straight dots.

I had the PC version uploaded earlier, which i was planning for Karthika, luckily i was able to make it on this special day. Had to exclude the borders, due to space & time. Hope for best next time.

PC version: