Rangoli: Chikku kolam
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Chikku kolam
Rangoli: Designer kolam

Just tried Lakshmi's style of kolam with white kolapodi. It was looking very dull on my white floor. So used the recycled colour podi and decorated it. Wink

Rangoli: Complete the incomplete

This is the completed version of my cafe in complete kolam. You all could have searched the galleries to get guidance. Wink Hai naa.. Rani!!! :bigsmile:( I really missed to see your original version when uploaded Dirol
When we were young we, sisters while wlaking on the road if we see a nice chikku kolam, we used to take the available bit of paper piece and one will draw the one side and other one will copy the other side of the kolam in a hurry and come home. After that, with the bit and pieces copied we will arrive at the full kolam. I remembered that and created this excercise.

Rangoli: Morning Raaga

Got this design from an old magazine. My Maid/helper girl said she will colour it.She is interested in learning kolam and has good colouring sense.
Just tried to give a face lift to my granite floor with the hlp of adobe photoshop. Wink

Rangoli: Free hand copycat kolam.

This is one ikolam member's design. Forgot the name, since long back copied. I have drawn this on the occasion of pooja at home with wet maavu and decorated with line coloue fillings.

Rangoli: Jaya's puzzle solution

Jaya, thanks for gifting me a puzzle. Without clues I have solved it. only now I got time to upload this.
The Pink dots represent the coconut trees. The line filling will give the clear picture of the area allotted for each son. Each getting two squares and 2 triangles making it three times of the father's land!

Rangoli: Sandhya Raagam

dotted rangoli..13-1 inbetween dots.
On a rainy windy evening I just casually drew this small kolam with wet maavu and colourd it with recycled colour podi.

Rangoli: Dotted chikku Design kolam

I drew this chikkukolam, but it was looking very simple. So concentrated on eloborating the gap designs with color.Like Sowmya, started using recycled colour podi. Hope you like it. Smile

Rangoli: Puzzle kolam.... solved

Since except Anirudhji, nobody showed any interest in solving this puzzle I am giving the answer myself.
( From the clues given in the old magazine I arrived at this design. Hope this answer is correct)