Rangoli: Chikku kolam
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Chikku kolam
Rangoli: Red pookkolam No1

After doing some pooja, we received a garland made of cute little red roses. You know I could not throw them just like that. So thought of making small small pookkolams even after Onum is over.Enjoy this design with Velvet red rose petals Smile .

Rangoli: 10/10 design rangoli

This pretty rangoli is the great work of my maid Rehana. The design, drawing and colouring are all done by herself without my help.She is very eager to know your comments Smile

Rangoli: Designer top kolam.

Just tried a simple free hand design on the lamp Designer top. Hope you like the base as well as the kolam! Angel

Rangoli: chikku kolam no.4,  on 13-1 dot series

It is a dotted rangoli... dot count 13-1 straight dots.

One more simple chikku kolam with 13-1 straight dots drawn with white kolapodi on the dining table top and coloured with pink coloe podi.( Since the dot count is the same I am trying to change the base and medium used to give some change/ facelift)

Rangoli: chikku kolam No.3, on 13-1 dotted series

It is a dotted rangoli... dot count 13-1 straight dots.

One more 13-1 dotted chikku kolam with wet maavu and coloured with the Kolam queen's colour!

Rangoli: Simple SB rangoli

After seeing Anirudh's forwards of the recent Bangalore Rang rangaavali competition with so many colourful SB rangolis, I was tempted to put a small one. Hope you like it. Smile

Rangoli: Black and white morning raaga

This is a simple dotted design kolam with line decoration for the beginners to enjoy and try Smile

Rangoli: PostOnum pookkalam

My grand son Neel picked some flowers from the park and forced me to put pookkolam with that and helped me in arranging the petals in this simple design. The pink Hibiscus and red colour chilli flowers were from the park and the leaves, white, pink and red rose petals are from my garden. The border with dried Dehlia from my garden was arranged by him like cars( his favourite toy) waiting in a traffic jam! Angel Enjoy!