Rangoli: Chikku kolam
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Chikku kolam
Rangoli: chikkukolam on kitchen top

One more chikku kolam in 13-1 straight dots done on the kitchen top with white kolam powder and decorated with colourful leaves and flowers. Smile

Rangoli:  wet maavu chikku kolam

I had some aversion for 13-1 dotted chikku kolams. very rarely I put 13-1 dotted kolams. But during the short break last month due to health reason I could not put kolams on the floor. So I was trying to draw some chikku kolams in the note book and suddenly felt that I must try something with 13-1 dots and created some chikku kolam designs.( May be you will find this in the collections Mr. mohAnaji's 13-1 dotted series).
Here is the floor version made with wetmaavu with little colouring.

Rangoli: Pookkolam

This is a small pookkolam made by my helper Rehana with the left over flowers used for Thruvonam pookkalam.She enjoyed making this, hope all of you like it. Smile

Rangoli: Thiruvonam_Pookkalam

A small pookkalam I have made inside the house for the Onam festivel decorating it with the available flowers from the market and from my garden.I wish all ikolam members a Happy Onam! Smile

Rangoli: Sandhya Raagam

Dotted kolam with 8-8 straight dots.

I am so happy to share this kolam done by my maid-helper. She is so fond of drawing kolams in the note book and this design was drawn and coloured by her on the floor. She will be thrilled to see this on the ikolam platform. I need your comments to encourage her Wink ( I just gave a mosaic effect in PC for the finishing touch)

Rangoli: Pooja kolam

Today we celebrated Lord Krishna's Janmaashatami. A simple and small wet maavu kolam was put with Kutti Krishna's footsteps walking on it. We didnot want HIS Paadhams to get spoilt by colour powder, hence used flower petals instead of colour podi to decorate the kolam.

Rangoli: Aadi Pournami kolam

Since everybody in ikolam started celebrating Aadi month with lovely kolams, I thought of putting a small padikkolam for doing pooja on the Pournami day. Used wet maavu to draw the design and as usual decorated the kolam with coffee-brown and blue colour kolapodi . Smile

Rangoli: Designer chikku kolam

This is a simple wet maavu chikku kolam with 9-5 inbetween dots and 2 dots on all the six sides.Since the weather is windy I could not put kolam outside.Being Aadi month I wanted to put maakkolam, so tried this .As usual started beautifying it with colour decorations, but the final product looked like a designer kolam and not a dotted-chikku kolam. Hope you will enjoy this.
(Since ikolam has become active with so many Aadi releases, I donot want to bore you all with my puzzles now... Let us wait/give rest to the brains for some days. Blum 3 )