Jaya's puzzle solution

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Jaya, thanks for gifting me a puzzle. Without clues I have solved it. only now I got time to upload this.
The Pink dots represent the coconut trees. The line filling will give the clear picture of the area allotted for each son. Each getting two squares and 2 triangles making it three times of the father's land!

Rangoli: Jaya's puzzle solution


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Wow, wonderful Rajamma mam. This is how the answer is supposed to be and but did you see my work? You will really laugh to the core after seeing that upload.

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Oh, Rajam, This is different from what I did but this is also one of the correct solutions which didn't strike me!

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nice outcome with gud coloring

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beautiful nice design

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Nicely created design mam....looks beautiful with that PS background. Smile

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Wow Rajamma maam, such an interesting and unique solution to the puzzle and a correct one at that, which is important :bigsmile: Beautiful one