Rangoli: Chikku kolam
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Chikku kolam
Rangoli: clock kolam

Just tried a design with 11-1 dots on the lamp base.The base was looking like an olden days hanging clock on the wall! So to give the mosaic effect to the wall I took the help of adobh photoshop.How is it? J)

Rangoli: 13-1 dot chikku kolam No.16

Another chikku kolam in this 13-1 series. Here the ezhais in different colours are made differently with a help of a small stick.Used the computer top as base since it is easy to use the stick on a smooth surface.Hope you like it Smile

Rangoli: 13-1 dotted chikku kolam no. 14

Another chikku kolam in this series with brown/ green/ white combination.
Wanted to try some different type of lines without colour filling decorations.Hope you will enjoy this also. Wink

Rangoli: 13 -1 dotted chikku kolam No.15

A simple 13-1 series kolam in black(base) and white(kolapodi) combination to wish "ikolam" Happy colourful years ahead! :party:

Rangoli: 13-1 dot chikku kolam No.13

This 13th kolam in this series is drawn as a black and white chikku kolam. This is the favourite of my sister Jaya and she normally starts to celebrate her Margazhi kolams with this.
Though I also learnt it( when I was young) from my elder sister, the complexity in drawing it with ONE continuous ezhai, without making any mistake, made me run away from the challenge. May be that is the reason I avoided chikku kolams with 13 dots.
So I thought of putting this as my 13th upload as a simple kolam without any colouring or decorations. But it is not drawn with anytype of kolapodi. Hope you can guess!

Rangoli: 13 -1 dotted chikku kolam No.12

This is an inspiration kolam. Yes, our dear PP madam inspired me with her recent neatest chikku kolams with mild colour podi. So tried very hard to make it with some perfectness.

Rangoli: 13-1 dot chikku kolam No.11

Before you all say "Stop"!... enough of 13-1 series I'll upload 3 more dotted kolams in this series. Please bear with me1.
This kolam was done in a hurry with wet maavu and coloured with liquid food color. Before I could take the snap the colour outline dried. hence become dull. Sad

Rangoli: Sandhya raagam

I was clearing all old stock of colour pody. My maid Rehana wanted to use them. She drew this on the black granite and coloured it. Is she not improving fast? :party: