Bluebells - Anirudh

Shri Aniruddha!! First of all; that's a very nice picture of you! Cool white shirt :) Look at those dainty tendrils swirling around! Great shading work, very beautiful job! I'm so glad you participated, what a surprise! :)
Mon, 09/14/2009 - 14:22 Permalink

Very good creation with pleasing colours. The tendril structure has come out nicely. Regards! - mOhana
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Anirudhji, super drawing with light color combination.The calyx missing from the outer flowers, but compensted with nice dancing tendrils.
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I liked the tendrils coming out from the flower Anirudhji.the colors are very pleasing .
Mon, 09/14/2009 - 21:10 Permalink
Way to go, Anirudhji...... The Tendrils enhance the beauty of the Kolam..... the use of mild & pleasing shade of colours adds up a glow to Your Creation..... It sure is a job well done.....
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Very pretty and pleasing! The shadings have come out well!
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Very very pleasing to the eye Anirudh, good selection of colours - I just love the twisties and the twirlies, they are so cute :) You too have made the same mistake as Rajamma and Padma :)
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thanks lataji...hehe.....will send one more surprise for the same...this weekend guess what? thanks mOhanaji, rajammaji, ashaji, purniji, jayaji,judyji. yes, judyji, i got to see the mistake and was glad i had repeated it for all flowers and got a good star in the center :)
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Anirudh I know it did look like a star so it passed off actually. You can actually try it out again the right way - just leave the twirlies next to the centre flower and remove the tendrils connect it correctly and see how it looks..
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indira sundar
Very beautiful bluebell rangoli with pleasing colors.... -Indira
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bluebells are iooking very nice and great shading work ;)
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