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  • Spring Garden Kolams - Foxglove
  • Lamp kolam
  • dotted kolam cloured 6 dots 6 lines.
  • Happy Thanksgiving! rangoli
  • Red/white flowers
  • Swastik Rangoli
  • Flower pot
  • Dotted Lamp Kolam
  • Christmas Rangoli
  • Deepam
Rangoli: Spring Garden Kolams - Foxglove
Created by judelined on 2010-05-04,

Straight dots: 6 - 6

A very simple kolam with four flowers. Gosh, I have so many flower kolams in my collection, don't know which one to upload here - selected this one as it is a bit different from the rest.
Looks like foxglove flower to me so I named it. Lata is it some other flower by any chance??

Rangoli: Lamp kolam
Created by SuriK on 2010-04-01,

I had made this dotted kolam at my grandpa's house in Sirkazhi, up on the terrace during the winter holidays. There are 6 rows of dots, and each row has 6 dots.

Rangoli: dotted kolam cloured  6 dots 6 lines.
Created by ushavenkatesh on 2010-03-05,

this kolam is drawan in front of my house. 6-6

Rangoli: Happy Thanksgiving! rangoli
Created by Lata on 2009-11-26,

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a time to recognize that God has given us many things to be thankful for, each passing day. The things that we are most thankful for: Love, Family, Health, Friendship --- all of you!! Smile

This rangoli is based on a 6x6 dot grid. I have made use of the horn-shaped wicker basket called cornucopia to make this rangoli. These baskets are filled with various kinds of vegetables and fruits harvested in the fall season, in North America. The cornucopia is also known as the Horn of Plenty, or the Harvest cone, and is a symbol of abundance.

Rangoli: Red/white flowers
Created by rajamma_2 on 2009-03-16,

This simple design on 6 dots 6 lines (straight dots) expanded on all four corners to create this bigger design.

Rangoli: Swastik Rangoli
Created by lakshmiraghu on 2009-03-13,

This is a doted swastik rangoli , dots for this 6 x 6 , all sides 2 dots plus free hand also.

Rangoli: Flower pot
Created by indirasundhar on 2009-03-11,

This is a dotted kolam.It is very easy to draw.
Dot count:
6 dots 6 times

Rangoli: Dotted Lamp Kolam
Created by SuriK on 2009-02-17,

My first dotted kolam. I used chalk to make it. It has 6 dots in a row, and there are 6 rows. Style of dots: parallel.

Rangoli: Christmas Rangoli

This one was drawn on Christmas Day. It is just a 6 to 6 dot kolam with my imagination. Pls comment.

Rangoli: Deepam
Created by Vidhya Rabindar on 2008-12-21,

6 - 6 dots. The swastik in between can also be made more colourful.