indirasundhar - Gallery

This kolam is very simple to draw.
The dot count:

This is also a simple kolam to the beginners only.

This is drawn by Srenithy. she always draws something in MSP. She asked to upload it.

This rangoli is also a freehand one. I think it is very easy to draw.

When my son was sleeping, i had a little time. So i drew this freehand design

Srenithy drew this rangoli using POLYGON, CURVE AND CIRCLE in MSP. After finishing this she showed it to her father then to me. He appreciated her but i said some corrections . So she told me "Amma , i will try to do my best next time". On floor, it is very difficult to draw, but in MSP it is very easy . So i taught her in MSP.

Now a days people forget the Tanjavore Thalayatti Bommai. One day i said about the toy and i drew in a paper. My daughter Srenithy has also seen it in her grandma's house in India. She liked it very much. So she drew it yesterday night and asked to me to upload it before her coming from the school.