Flower pot

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This is a dotted kolam.It is very easy to draw.
Dot count:
6 dots 6 times

Rangoli: Flower pot


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Indira nice rangoli i like that pot.

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Lakshmi thanks a lot

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Indira, your flower pot reminds of "KOOJA". will try to take it from the attic to use as flower pot.Thanks for the idea.

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how nice it would be if every flower pot would have so many flowers at one time... very cute Indira..

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Judy mam and Rajamma mam thank u so much . In our home my mother puts flowers in a KOOJA

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She does!? I wish my mom did that! I guess my mom just doesn't have the time to stop and smell the roses. Smile

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Yes Lata, she loves flowers. She has spiderlily, ixora, hibiscus, jasmine crysanthemam, dhalia, marigold, pansy and nishakhanthy(Raja kamalam) flowers in her little garden. I have sent the nishaka photos already to u.
Daily morning she changes the flowers with other plants leaves.