Swastik Rangoli

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This is a doted swastik rangoli , dots for this 6 x 6 , all sides 2 dots plus free hand also.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Swastik Rangoli


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hailakshmi mam
this is very nice kolam.rombe porumaya line pottu decorate panni irukirgal. kolam poduvarukuthan adhil vulla kashtam theriyum.yedavadhu occasionku nanum try panren.thank u very much mam. all the best. regards akila.

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akila thank u very much yes u said it rightly... all ur kolams r very nice

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sashank says it is very nice!

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Lakshmi, sashank typed the 2 comments. By the way all your sarees have such nice borders?

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sashank dear i am very happy ur also commenting on my rangolis. thank u rajammaji

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Wow!! Lakshmi... Marvelous... The design inside the borders are eye catching. Swastika's are lovely with all lines as shading.. White Beauty...