Lamp kolam

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I had made this dotted kolam at my grandpa's house in Sirkazhi, up on the terrace during the winter holidays. There are 6 rows of dots, and each row has 6 dots.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Lamp kolam


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Seeing this I sing 'row row row a boat gently down the stream.......!'

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Looks like a painting Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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The rangoli has comeout well surya. Good job. I appreciate u for the interest u have in making rangolis. Well done my girl.

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Very beautiful kolam Surya.......-Indira

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very cute one dear

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Surya, I would like to see your terrace filled with so many kutti rangolis of yours!

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Surya very nice deepam kolam

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surya, nice diya's kolam, thanks dear for sharing.

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Oh! Diya drawn by surya!!!!good.... i think ur super speed in filling the colous...keep it up...

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beautiful kolam.

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Surya I am so happy to see this kolam from you after a while.. Very well done - lovely bright diyas. Would love to see more from you in future Smile