Spring Garden Kolams - Foxglove

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Straight dots: 6 - 6

A very simple kolam with four flowers. Gosh, I have so many flower kolams in my collection, don't know which one to upload here - selected this one as it is a bit different from the rest.
Looks like foxglove flower to me so I named it. Lata is it some other flower by any chance??

Rangoli: Spring Garden Kolams - Foxglove


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very beautiful and very nice one

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beautiful design judy...btw i have learned so many new flowers ....d credit goes to our spring garden...

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black background give attractive look.


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The name can be anything, but it is made very beautifully Smile Very bold and neat strokes.

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Thanks Alamelu, Rani, Suganthy and Brindha for your lovely comments Smile

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Oh, this is very nice, resembles like the face of circus buffoon(joker) or like a face mask, is it not?

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Judy ur buffoon flowers are are different from the colored ones and looking nice in a black background.

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Nithya where have you been - long time no see?? Thanks for renaming my kolam bafoon kolam - Rajam thanks for your comments Smile

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simple and nice looking flowers....yeah whats there in name Smile beautiful flowers are needed for the garden

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Right you are Anirudh Smile