Chikku kolam with a twist :)

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Last moment decided to participate in the competition. I had decided on something and ended up with something else. To tell the truth I am not satisfied at all with it, but I cannot redo another kolam since deadline is up ... Yet I am glad at least I am participating... This is a chikku kolam with dot count 13 to 7 interlaced dots with 1 dot on all sides. Hope you all like it.


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appreciate the different

appreciate the different thought on making a sikku kolam evolve into different elements of nature....the border, colors all looks good Pushpa.... i am sure using yellow on white background is a tough job, but has come over very well, nice good that you made it to the contest....all the best!!!

Star Star Star

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lovely creation...nice colour

lovely creation...nice colour match...all the best

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A different looking kolam

A different looking kolam with nice fusion effect, good colouring, I admire the thin ezhai. all the best Pushpa and thanks for participating. Smile

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Cute and colorful fusion

Cute and colorful fusion kolam! The decorations are pretty! All the Best!

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Thank you all for

Thank you all for commenting...

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Super kolam! Love it and

Super kolam! Love it and especially the border! Very beautiful!

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hi pushpa ,ur kolm looks like

hi pushpa ,ur kolm looks like a fusion kolam but it has come in a nice way.good luck

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Borders are very

Borders are very pretty.beautiful fusion chikku kolam pushpa.All the best.

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Very beautiful work Pushpa.

Very beautiful work Pushpa. Chikku design is done in a unique way and a signature kolam I can say. Those borders are so cute and pretty. Admiring your thin strokes. ...All the best.

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wow sooooooooooo thin

wow sooooooooooo thin strokes,excellent push.

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Wow pushpa! Chikku kolam in

Wow pushpa! Chikku kolam in different loook Smile Colourful mesmorizing kolam! Cute borders Smile all the beat!

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colorful treat this is,,,

colorful treat this is,,, borders are very pretty,,, neat creation,,, all the best Smile

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Lovely kolam with thin lines,

Lovely kolam with thin lines, amazing colours with a fusion pattern

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Wow...what a pretty sight

Wow...what a pretty sight this is push darling....kolam looks so fantastic with all such lovely cols...All d best Smile.

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Very beautiful fusion kolam.

Very beautiful fusion kolam. Chikku kolam with beautiful extensions and border. Looking very different. All the best.