Margazhi dew drops kolam contest - 2014

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Re-used the birde sikku design from Veni ma'm's gallery and added my extensions using the Brahma's knot and additional borders...and ofcourse Lord Ganesha adoring in the center and Sun at the top corner. Due to spacing did this on terrace and coloring was quite tiresome due to wind, but somehow managed. Hope you all like it.

Dots: 27 X 27 straight dots, erase the unwanted dots or follow the pattern added Smile


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Congratulations Anirudh, You

Congratulations Anirudh, You have given a tuff competition.Three cheers for you, young man! Party

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thanks soo much Rajammaji

thanks soo much Rajammaji .... very happy to be on the stage with all the veterans Smile

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wow Anirudh wonderful kolam with my favourite ganesha in the middle, perfect colouring... wish u all the best

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Perfect , Grand beauty...ALL

Perfect , Grand beauty...ALL THE BEST Star Star Star

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Grand and beautiful sir...!

Grand and beautiful sir...! Colouring is really fantastic...! Ganesha at the center is very cute...! All the best... Smile

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Thanks soo much aarchi ma'm,

Thanks soo much aarchi ma'm, raNi ma'm, sugu ma'm, rekhaji, nithya ma'm, bala ma'm, sowmya ma'm, suba ma'm, shanthi ma'm, chandy ma'm, vasanti ma'm, Pushpa, jayaji, rajammaji, lakshmi ma'm ... for leaving your inspirational comments.
i have learnt many things from you all and hence could make this ...

heartful thanks to Veni ma'm, rajammaji, raNi ma'm and lakshmi ma'm....without seeing their creations, i would have never ventured into sikku kolams.

thanks all!!!
here is the link to plethora sikku kolams from Veni ma'ms gallery
and my inspiration

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Big and beautiful

Big and beautiful kolam....all the best

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Anirudh great work, Veni's

Anirudh great work, Veni's kolam well copied with cute additions, The strokes are neatly dine and cioloring is super, Lord ganesha in the centre is very atractive,> I am just admiring it more and more and searching for more and more STARS to present it. Thanks for participating and all the best, Smile

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Such an elaborate chikku

Such an elaborate chikku kolam from Anirudh! Wonderful! I know how difficult to draw and color on the terrace floor. It would look pretty even without colors! Best of luck!

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Like it Anirudh I simply

Like it Anirudh I simply loveeeed it... amazing beauty Anirudh... I am so glad u took part ... all the best to you

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hi anirudh ur kolam looks

hi anirudh ur kolam looks like a carpet and the ganesh in center has come very well and overall beautiful kolam.good luck Innocent

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Grand and beautiful! Love it!

Grand and beautiful! Love it! A padi kolam design! Smile Smile Love Love

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very beautiful sikku

very beautiful sikku kolam.the outer white neli border is very pretty.

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Wow!!! Wonderful

Wow!!! Wonderful has come out very well and looks very grand. Nice thin strokes and a cute Ganesha are the highlights . All the best.

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excellent strokes lovely

excellent strokes lovely colours,cute ganesh SUPER OOOOOOOOOOOO SUPER anirudh.

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A master piece Anirudh, i

A master piece Anirudh, i admire your interest in kolam. All the best!

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has come out very well,,

has come out very well,, wnice colors,,, slender and neat strokes,,,, all the best anirudh Smile

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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW stellar work dear .indeed very divine too .

"ganeshnanna maddya koorisi
adara suttu deepa achhhisi

bilee hudihinda vivida rekegallanu acchi
adaralli vivida bannagallannu metti

suryana prakasha jagavidi pasarisi
namma manada dukka doodi

hradayadalli harsha tumbisi
rachiside ee rangavalli

manasinalli tumbi devara bhakti
edanna nodi padedevu trapti

devaru needali ninaghe shakti
mudisalu enthaha sundara saviraru rangavalli "

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Wow anirudh! Great work! ...

Wow anirudh! Great work! ... Yeah i liked it very much Smile pretty center ganesha, stylish strokes, nice extensions, beautiful sun, totally superb Smile all the best!

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Wow....what a pattern in ur

Wow....what a pattern in ur awesome strokes anirudh...kolam looks great with d colouring...All d best Smile:)

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Wow Anirudh Grand kolam with

Wow Anirudh Grand kolam with your favourite Ganesa in the centre, perfect in all the sense , beautiful border. All the best.