Sikku Kolam designed as Manai kolam

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This Sikku kolam can be called as Manai kolam. Used to keep Pongal pots.


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Thank u Bhavani mam:-)

Thank u Bhavani mam:-)

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simple design, but beautiful

simple design, but beautiful strokes...nice usage of color for differnt lines ...all the best!!!
Star Star Star

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Wow Beautiful kolam,,,,, all

Wow Beautiful kolam,,,,, all the best!

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This is my first attempt for

This is my first attempt for the kolam competition in ikolam.Feeling so happy to participate and thanks for all the encouraging comments friends! Smile

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very crative and neatly

very crative and neatly excecuted. nice colourful strokes. All the best Smile Shuba

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Thank u Rajamma aunty:-)

Thank u Rajamma aunty:-)

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Creative idea...! Very neat

Creative idea...! Very neat and beautiful...! All the best.

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Nice padi kolam connected by

Nice padi kolam connected by chikku kolams. Looks bright on a half white background! All the best!

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Lovely color combination and

Lovely color combination and pretty kolam.. all the best

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Super! Simple, colourful

Super! Simple, colourful chikku kolam! Love it!

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nice kolam

nice kolam

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beautiful kolam.all the best.

beautiful kolam.all the best.

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Beautifuly done chikku kolam

Beautifuly done chikku kolam with nice and bright colours. All the best.

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awesome kolam and lovely

awesome kolam and lovely colours.

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Thanks ikolam frns for ur

Thanks ikolam frns for ur comments.Eager to see urs too Smile

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Neat and beautiful with

Neat and beautiful with bright colours

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Wow Beautiful kolam all the

Wow Beautiful kolam Smile all the best!

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Beautifully made chikku kolam

Beautifully made chikku kolam shubha....All d best Smile

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beautiful colorful kolam.

beautiful colorful kolam. All the best.

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Friends Ur views please....

Friends Ur views please.... Smile