margazhi dew drops contest

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madurai - india

hai frnz,,, this is my first attempt of a sikku kolam contest,it is a 22 to 2 pattern on four sides,,, the center hexagon is filled with a separate dot count of 10 to 4,,, ,,, thank u lata for giving this opportunity,,,, hope u all like it,, ur comments pls Smile


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thank u all for ur valuable

thank u all for ur valuable comments and votes Smile

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what a grand entry into sikku

what a grand entry into sikku kolams, liked the four corner designs connected and as ever with a beautiful design could have been better, i assume you have added it later once you completed the outside one, i can understand the difficulty if its done that way, as you cant step on and doo all circus to make it Smile

the photography is also adding to the beauty with sunrays falling on it. all the best ma'm
Star Star Star

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Bright Beauty with attractive

Bright Beauty with attractive borders..... Star Star

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lovely creation...looks

lovely creation...looks nice...all the best

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Nice chikku kolam connected

Nice chikku kolam connected beautifully. ths sun light playing Kannampoochci on the kolam is adding the charm, all the best Smile

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Very nice! The pattern is

Very nice! The pattern is good and drawn neatly with fine strokes! The sun-shadow gives a natural effect! All the best!

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Uma dear first attemptliya

Uma dear first attemptliya kalakeetinga pa... done a wonder job ... too good... all the best

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Very beautiful and neat. I

Very beautiful and neat. I love the design! Smile Smile Love Love

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hi uma ,ur first trial in

hi uma ,ur first trial in chikku kolam has come beautifully and the outer design enriches ur
kolam good all the best.

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your favorite rose color add

your favorite rose color add the beauty to the kolam.very neat and beautiful kolam uma.

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Wow!!! Very beautiful uma.

Wow!!! Very beautiful uma. Your effort is visible from your kolam. Nice uniform strokes and so patiently done kolam. Looks very bright with sun shine. All the best.

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wow excellent uma.

wow excellent uma.

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Lovely bright sikku kolam

Lovely bright sikku kolam Uma!

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Wow uma !! . Neat and

Wow uma !! . Neat and excellent presentation Smile chikku kolam varaathunu sollittu ipdi pottu asathure Smile... All the best!

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Wow...nicely done chikku

Wow...nicely done chikku kolam with a pleasant border uma...nice lovely patient strokes pa :)All d best Smile:)

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Beautiful kOlam Uma. border

Beautiful kOlam Uma. border enhancement add beauty . All the best.