Rangoli: Maakolam

Friday Padikolam for your views

A chikku kolam with dot count 13-1 for your views.

A simple chikku kolam with dot count 11-1 straight dots.

This is a chikku kolam.

Friday padikolam

Rangoli: Maakolam

A chikku maakolam with dot count 16x2-2 .. Kolam Courtesy Radhai Mohan maam Smile Hope you like it :)Rangoli 16x2-2: Maakolam by dibbutn

Rangoli: Maakolam

Maakolam with dot count 7x7 and 1x2 in the middle and 2x2-1x1 in the corners... hope you like it :DRangoli Chikku Kolam: Maakolam by dibbutn

Rangoli: Padikolam

Rangoli beginner: Padikolam by dibbutn